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Students may choose from different, but always comfortable, options of accommodation. The Homestay Programme (accommodation in a private house) allows the student to live and feel as a true New Yorker. Residence Halls (accommodation in residences on Manhattan) offer comfortable and clean single and double rooms with a number of facilities. In close vicinity of the school there are many hotels, if you wish to live in a hotel. Each of these types of accommodation provides ideal conditions for learning through making contact and socialising with people from all over the world.
Regardless of where you stay, you can access the school on foot or by public transport.

Rennert Bilingual's Media Center is equipped with modern  equipment for learning languages. The students who wish to improve on their listening comprehension or to brush up their accent have access to audio players. Moreover, the Center is equipped with video players for students who want to watch movies in the original version - all films are made in the 'closed captions' technique. Apart from that the Center also houses computer terminals for students who wish to develop their English knowledge by using interactive computer programs checking grammar and pronunciation or programs preparing for the TOEFL and TOEIC examinations.

On arrival, at 9:15, you will be greeted by the representative of Rennert Bilingual's staff, who is responsible for receiving new students. After taking a placement test and a short short interview aimed at choosing the most appropriate level for each student, you will get the course schedule and go to your first class. After classes an orienteering meeting will take place, where you will get your student identity card, you will be informed about extracurricular activities, shopping possibilities, public transport and you will also have a chance to get answers to all of your questions.

Everything that goes on in New York is an attraction. Every minute spent there intensifies and speeds up the process of learning the American language. The coordinator of extracurricular activities plans a few trips a week to places such as the New York Stock Exchange, television studios, jazz clubs, baseball matches, museums. To some of these trips only one class will be taken, others are organized for the whole school - you can join if you decide that the theme of the trip is interesting. Every trip will be guided by a tour guide from Rennert Bilingual. Getting to know new people in an unfamiliar city is the best way to test your freshly acquired language skills.

Rennert Bilingual is a founder-member of IALC, International Association of Language Centers. This membership is a confirmation of the high quality of the equipment and facilities, and excellent qualifications of the lecturers. The school fulfils also the AAIEP, American Association of Intensive English Programs, requirements and is a member of NAFSA - National Association of Foreign Student Advisors. The Rennert Bilingual school is accredited by the New York State Education Department and authorised by the federal authorities to receive students with non-immigrant status (Form I-20/ Student Visa)


(30 classes a week)

this dynamic programme teaches the basis of the American variety of English and concentrates on student's individual needs. After passing the placement test and the oral interview, each of you will join a 7-10 students group, at a level corresponding to yours. The school offers courses at 10 proficiency levels. Level 1 (Beginners) courses start on the first Monday of every month, while level 2 and higher may start classes any Monday. In the afternoons, the students take part in Elective Classes for two weeks to improve different language skills. The total number of 30 classes a week guarantees that you spend the optimal amount of time learning, while it still leaves you the evenings and the weekends to experience what New York has to offer.

You can choose the elective classes from:
Conversation workshops for beginners (Beginners)
Phonetics, pronunciation
Conversation workshops (Intermediate)
Writing and business correspondence workshops (Upper Intermediate, Advanced)
American Culture (Upper Intermediate, Advanced)
Current events discussions (Advanced)
Public speeches (Advanced)
Elective classes constitute an important part of the intensive English learning programme. These classes can be attended by the students of other programmes.

(20 classes a week)

This programme is intended for students visiting New York who, apart from the classes planned by the school, would like to have more time for individual sightseeing in New York and other attractions. Groups of 7-10 students meet for 4 hours a day in the mornings from 9:30 till 1:30 or in the afternoons from 1:30 till 5:30 (Monday till Friday)
The rest of the day and also evenings and weekends are at the students' disposal: this is the time for discovering the city, its cultural attractions as well as the exquisite cuisine of the numerous restaurants.

(16 classes a week)

This course, a little less intensive, allows for learning English and discovering New York at the same time. Despite the name, it is available all year round for students of all levels of proficiency. The written and oral placement test, taken on the day of arrival, will help to place the student in an appropriate group. The classes take place in groups of 7 to 10 students. Every day, from Monday till Thursday, four 55-minute lessons take place in the mornings (9:30 - 13:30) or in the afternoons (14:00 - 16:00). The rest of the day, as well as the three-day weekends, can be devoted to sightseeing in New York. The minimum age of the students is 17.

INDIVIDUAL COURSES (20 classes a week) 
A half-intensive language course is also available in a form tailored to the student's individual needs. Many students who participate in such morning private courses extend their learning opportunities by taking part in the afternoon elective classes.

(20 classes per week)

This course, offered to upper intermediate and advanced students, improves language skills necessary for communicating effectively in the world of international business. It prepares the students to studying in other business schools as well as for the Full Time Professional course. The focus of this course is on vocabulary and situations related to the business environment. These groups meet for 4 hours every morning, from Monday till Friday.
We also recommend participation in the 'Writing and Business Correspondence' elective classes in addition to this course.


(20 English classes plus 15-20 dance classes a week) 
 Broadway Dance Center famous for the You Can Dance programme and other dance workshops

What could be more exciting than learning English combined with dancing in New York?
A 4-week English and Dance course, organized in cooperation with Dance Forum, offers unique opportunities for learning English. Language classes last for 4 hours in the morning and the dance classes take place in the afternoon. During the BodiBalance dance workshops, led by the dancer and choreographer, Carol Fonda, the students learn the most recent dancing techniques.
The students may choose among prestigious dance schools such as:
Joffrey Ballet School
Alvin Ailey American Dance Center
Merce Cunnigham Studio
Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance
Eric Hawkins School of Dance
Jose Limon Institute
Dance Space (Lynn Simonson's Jazz Technique)

This exquisite experience is enhanced by participation in professional shows in the Lincoln Center and in the Broadway theatres.

(a four or seven week course)
Have you dreamt of becoming a fashion designer, a stylist, of seeing how catwalks look like backstage? Now you have a chance to make your dreams come true in New York! The students of Rennert Bilingual will have fashion classes in LIM (Laboratory Institute of Merchandising). Apart from studying the secrets of fashion, the students will have 16-20 classes a week. There are 15 hours a week of fashion classes alone. The maximum group size is 10. It is also possible to buy a 7-week course.

Students whose English is fluent will have a chance to improve on it though an apprenticeship in a genuine American company as a junior apprentice. After completing at least 2 weeks of an intensive English course (30 hours a week), students can take part in the junior apprentice programme. Each student wanting to take part in this programme is obliged to send an application for this course at least 3 months before the beginning of the English course. Whether the student is accepted at a particular company will depend on the results of he interview with the student, the availability of apprentice posts and the charges.
This programme is intended for students with little or no professional experience. Working for a genuine American company allows you to use English in everyday situations in the office and gain some know-how. This programme lasts for at least 4 weeks.

(20 classes a week)

The TOEFL examination is intended for students applying for universities in the USA and in Canada. Its aim is to check whether the candidate possesses language skills necessary to communicate in the academic environment. This examination is acknowledged by all universities and similar institutions in the enrolment procedure. Rennert Bilingual offers a special programme preparing to the TOEFL examination for upper-intermediate and advanced students. These small groups preparing for the TOEFL examination (7-10 students) meet for 4 hours every afternoon to study grammar, listening and reading comprehension necessary to pass this examination. Mock examinations are taken every week and they are discussed vastly with the instructors. We help by registering for the TOEFL examinations, which take place every month in numerous spots in New York.

Rennert Bilingual in New YorkTOEIC COURSE
The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is an examination for students whose mother tongue is not English. Its aim is to test the English communication skills of people working in an international environment. The scores achieved at this examination are the basis of assessing the efficiency of communicating in a business, trading and industrial environment. This examination does not require specialist vocabulary or knowledge apart from that of everyday professional activities. This examination lasts for 2 hours, it is based on a multiple choice test and is divided into two parts: listening comprehension and reading. Receiving a good mark at this examination enhances the chances of your job application. Renner Bilingual organizes TOEIC examinations once a month in the school.

(30 classes a week)

This programme guarantees a professional approach to teaching English for business purposes. Small groups of 3-5 students meet for 3 hours every morning and 3 hours every afternoon, which makes 30 hours a week. All instructors are university graduates, English is their native language and they are experienced in particular business areas. Class discussions and role plays mirror real-life situations and help to learn appropriate vocabulary and practice speaking. Sometimes guests are invited to the classroom to discuss particular subjects related to business, finance, marketing, politics, government administration and the like. Excursions to places related to the subject matter of the course, such as criminal courts, Securities Exchange Commission and the New York Stock Exchange and participation in cultural events are an excellent extension and supplement of the teaching programme.

This unique combination allows the students of the management course to participate in a 3-hour morning class in a small group (described above) and then to practise individually with an  instructor during a 3-hour afternoon class that concentrates on the student's special needs. The programme of individual classes is tailored to the student's individual needs. It is possible to reverse the order of classes - 3-hour morning class with an instructor and in the afternoon - with a small group of students. The programme of individual classes depends on the student's individual needs and may cover various areas of language, beginning with vocabulary and practising correct pronunciation and ending with marketing and financial issues.

In situations when both speed and quality of progress matters, this programme is the best solution. It offers 30 classes a week on a student - private instructor basis (one-to-one).
The 6-hour classes that take place during the day concentrate on the student's linguistic needs and his or her particular interest areas. This is the best method to learn the American variety of English. This programme also leaves the student enough free time to visit the business centres of New York.

combination (30 classes a week)

This programme is intended for managers and professionals. Students learn both in small groups (of maximum 5 people) and individually, with an instructor who is experienced at a particular area of interest. 24 hours a week are devoted to groups lessons, while the remaining 6 hours are devoted to meeting American professionals who share your business experience. During these meetings the students learn the appropriate vocabulary and discuss current tendencies in business.

Students who have completed the full time professional English programme can apply for a continuation of the course as an applicant manager at a company that corresponds to their professional profile. Students wishing to take part in such a programme must have a university diploma and 5 years of experience in one of the following branches (this is not a complete list):
Accounting   Administration   Architecture
Arts   Audio/Video   Communication
Computing   Customer Service   Education
Engineering   Fashion   Finance
Fine Arts   Healthcare Service   Graphic Projects
Human Resources   Insurance   Hospitality and Tourism
Interior Design  International Trade   Journalism
Law  Management and Production   Marketing
Performing arts   Media and Communications
Press   Publishing   Real Estate

Sales   Telecommunication  Tourism 

The internship programme is organized for at least 4 weeks.

Students of all courses have full access to the audiovisual aids center that extends and supports the learning process. Computer terminals with interactive programmes offer grammar exercises, improve pronunciation and help by examination preparations. Access to the internet and various Microsoft applications (Access for Windows) help you to find materials you need to prepare speeches delivered during classes or other data that the students see as necessary for further development of their individual areas of interest.

Holiday breaks in 2014

Rennert Bilingual will be closed from December 23, 2014 to December 27, 2014
The school will also be closed during national holidays. The classes are cancelled then. There will not be any make-up classes to compensate for the classes that fall during holidays. The school does not refund the classes that fall on holidays.

* 18 February - Presidents' Day

* 27 May  - Memorial Day

* 4 July  - Independence Day

* 2 September  - Labour Day

* 28 and 29 November - Thanksgiving Day

* On the above listed days, classes will not take place and no refund is granted for these classes.

American English Program New York 2014

2014 Dates and Fees
Prices are listed in USD per week



1 - 6 weeks. 7 - 11 weeks 12 - 19 weeks 20 +weeks
Rapid Progress 30 Max 10 30


402 378 325
Rapid Progress 20 Max 10 20*



299 280




Electives Max 10





Business Anglish Max 10 20* 350 326 299 -
TOEFL Success Max 10 20



- -
TOEIC Preparation Max 10 30 428 402    
Cambridge BEC Vantage* Max 12 28        
Cambrige CAE Max 12 28 -


 12 weeks 4536

Cambrige FCE Max 12 28 -  10 weeks 4020

12 weeks 4536

Cambrige CAE 12 weeks: Start Dates March 18 - test June 12. September  9 - test December 4 2014
Cambrige FCE 10 weeks: Start Dates December  31 2012 - test March 9 2014
Cambrige FCE 12 weeks: Start Dates March 18- test June 11 , September 9 - test December  3 2014
Cambrige BEC Vantage 12 weeks: Start Dates 11 March - test June 6 2014
NYC TOEFL students may start any Monday
















Academic Year Program New York 2014

Course Size


2014 Dates and Fees
Prices are listed in USD per week
12 weeks 24 weeks 36 weeks 48 weeks
Academic year Max. 10 30 - 270 260 249
Max. 10 20 - 316 305 294
University Access Max. 12 30 410 - - -

University Access Atart dates: Monday, May 14, and Monday, Spetember 17 2014
Academic Year start dates: any Monday

Professional English Program New York 2014

Pofessional English Program Size


Prices  in USD per week

1-5 weeks

+ 6 weeks

Part Time Professional Group

Max 5




Full Time Professional Group

Max 5




Professional English for Special Purposes: Finance, Sales/Maketing, Law

Max 5 15 835 -

Part Time Professional Private

1 on 1




Full Time Professional Private

1 on 1




Professional Combination  (group + pivate)

1 on 1/Max 5

30 (15/15)



Full Time Professional Private with excursions

1 on 1




Advanced Conversation and Writing Elective Max 5 8 445 400
Accent Reduction 1 on 1 10 165 $ / h 165 $ / h
Private Lessons 1 on 1 5 105 $/ h 98 $ / h
International Networking Meetings 1 on 1 4 - 6 godzin / week 590 590
E - mail Follow - up Course  (3 months) 1 on 1 18 e-mails 415 415
Skype or Phone Follow - up Course (3 months) 1 on 1 12 x 30- min lesson 415 415
Professional students must have an intemediate level to join this program
English for Specific purposes courses must have an upper -intermediate to advanced level of English
Finance (1 week) : April 15 ,  May 6 , July 15 , August 5, September 16,2014
Sales/Marketing (1 week): April 22 , May 13 , July 22, August  12, September 23, 2014
Law  (1 week): April 29 , May 20, July 29, August 19, September 30, 2014


Arts +  English Program New York 2014





Start Dates

Steps On Boadway

5-7 hours dance

min. 2 weeks

per week

every Monday
Fashion Saturdays 16,.20, 30 h english lessons
 + 3h x 6 Saturday fashion lessons
6 weeks 475
 6  weeks
September 30 2014
Fashion Intensive  16 - 20 h english lessons
+ 15 h/week fashion lessons
4 weeks 1350
 4 weeks
08/04 ; 08/07 ; 05/08/2014
Music - private lessons + 2 h/week min. 2 weeks 170
per week
every Monday

Filmmaking or Acting classes

English + 4 weeks
Filmmaking /Acting

8 weeks

4000 07/01, 04/02, 04/03, 08/04, 06/05, 10/06, 08/07, 12/08, 09/09, 30/09
Filmmaking materials fee - - 500 -
Cooking: essentials of fine cooking English + 40 hours of lessons     to be confirmed
Cooking: Chocolate Dessers English + 15 hours of lessons     to be confirmed
Cooking: Parisian Breads English + 12 hours of lessons     to be confirmed
Photography: Digital includes a class in Macintosh Basics 7 weeks 960 July 1, 2014
Photography: Black and White Camera and Darkroom   4 weeks 795 July 8, 2014
Photography: Tavelling in NY intermediate level photography 4 weeks 495 July 8, 2014
Photographing Musicians intermediate level photography 5 weeks 545 July 8, 2014
Make - up Artistry English + 50 -hour cetificate class in Make-up artistry 9 weeks 885
for 50 h
March 18, June 3, September 16

TESOL Teacher Training New York 2014




Weeks Price
SIT Best Practices in TESOL Certificate Max.10 210 6 3475

Starting dates: 2014: 14/01, 11/03, 29/04, 17/06, 02/09, 21/10

Rennert TESOL Certificate Max.12 120 4 2450

Starting dates:2014: 05/08  2012: 31/12

Plus TEYL Certificate Max.10 40 2 795

Starting dates:2014:  11/03, 06/05, 24/06, 12/08, 28/10, 09/12

plus Practicum Intensive 2 weeks Max.10 60 2 1050
plus  Practicum Intensive (one week in December only) Max.10 30 1 525

Starting dates:2014: 25/02, 22/04, 10/06, 29/07, 14/10, 02/12

Total TESOL Package Max.10 430 14 7032

Starting dates:2014: 11/02, 01/04, 20/05, 05/08, 23/09

English Improvement RP30

Max.10 120 4 1712

Course begins 4 weeks pior to SIT certificate program, Practicum Intensive and Teyl Certificate
Starting dates: SIT 2014: 11/02, 01/04, 20/05, 05/08, 23/09
Starting dates:Rennert 2014: 08/07

Teaching Business English Max.10 30 1 525

Starting dates 2014: 07/01, 22/04, 29/07, 28/10

TESOL Refresher Course Max.10 40/80 2 / 4 750/2 weeks  1500/4 weeks

Begins after the Rennert TESOL Course in January and afte the SIT Best Practices Course in April
Starting dates:2014: 14/01, 05/08, 19/08


Other fees
Registration fee
Standard charge, non-refundable
Student materials

Standard charge, covers the first set of materials, unlimited access to the internet (broadband or wireless) and a student card.

Art plus English

Additional registration charge for all courses: ...+ English. 

Express document delivery $85

Optional charge for express delivery of the I-20 form and other documents.

Cambridge Exam Charges $420

The charge covers FCE or CAE examination fees

TOEIC Exam Charges $90 Offered the last Friday of every month
Change of programme $65

Administration charge for changing the programme after the course beginning

Airpotr transfer Manhattan $175 Option one-way transfer to or from Manhattan
Airpotr transfer Brooklyn/Queens $210 Option one-way transfer to or from  Brooklyn/Queens
Health & Tavel Insurance $68 Non refundable Guard.me health nad tavel


Accommodations NY 2014

Meal plans may be puchased as meal tickets. Meal tickets may be redeemed fo food Monday to Fiday at a local eateries close to all Rennert locations. Tickets are non-refundable,
Beakfast: $20/week
Lunch: $40/week


Single Double
Manhattan Single with breakfast (7 days) 505 / week -
+ Dinner (5 days) + 90 / week -
Queens/Brooklyn Single with breakfast  (7 days) 350 / week 245 / week
+ Dinner (5 days) + 60 / week + 60 / week
+ Dinner (7 days) + 90 / week + 90 / week


Residence Halls

Single Double

Economy Residence - Vanderbilt YMCA/West Side Y
Maximum stay is 90 days, doubles are for two student travelling together

475 / week 360 / week / person
Summe suplement(30 June - 28 September) + 25 / week

Residence -de Hirsh 92nd Street Y
Rates include use of the library and gym, internet access, minimum stay is 28 days

485 / week -
Summe suplement(30 June - 28 September) + 40 / week

Brandon Residence for woman
Rates include breakfast and dinner

400 / week
Summe suplement(30 June - 28 September) + 20 / week

Residence 1760
Double rooms with pivate bathooms on moden, newly- renovated residence, located on Upper East Side of Manhattan, short distance fom school by public transportation

- 410 / week
Summe suplement(30 June - 28 September) + 20 / week


Manhattan Appatments

Single Double

Apartamenty Upper East Side
Minimum stay is two weeks

485 / week 390 / week / person
Summe suplement(30 June - 28 September) + 20 / week

Apartamenty Midtown East
Minimum stay is two weeks

605 / week -
Summe suplement(30 June - 28 September) + 25 / week

Midtown Studio
Minimum stay is 30 days

3650-4050 / month
  • Refundable 300 $ security deposit

  • Students must be at least 18 years old to stay in apartments

  • Students must arrive on a Sunday and depat on a Saturday


 ZAKWATEROWANIE - wiadomości ogólne



Wpisowe, nie podlega zwrotowi

Zmiana pokoju


dotyczy akademików i mieszkań

Dodatkowa noc (pokój 1-osobowy)


dotyczy wszystkich typów zakwaterowania

Dodatkowa noc (pokój 2-osobowy)


dotyczy wszystkich typów zakwaterowania


*  Students of the English courses in Rennert Miami cannot be native speakers of English and must be 17 years old.
*  Students will be enrolled on morning or afternoon classes depending on their level of proficiency and the availability of places at a given time.
*  Prices and conditions may change.
Cancellation and refunds
•  The registration fee of $155 is non-refundable, but can be treated as a registration for another course in the same calendar year.
*  Fees for private lessons and student's materials are refundable if the course is cancelled at least 2 weeks before the date of course beginning.  
*  A charge of $65 will be held for all other cancellations, including the ones that arrive late.  
*  The fee for placing the student on an internship is non-refundable. 
*  No fees for private lessons will be refunded if the classes are cancelled after the beginning of the course
*  Cancellation should be filed in a written form. Rennert Miami will return the money within 30 days to the person or agency who made the original payment. Students who paid through an agency should turn to them for their refund.
Conditions - accommodation
The application for accommodation should be sent at least 4 weeks before the beginning of the course. 
The period of accommodation is equal to the duration of the course. Students may arrive on Sunday preceeding the course and leave on Saturday after the end of the course.
• The availability of accommodation depends on the number of students and cannot be guaranteed after the end of the course.
• We do not guarantee accommodation at the spot chosen by the customer.
• Apart from in St. Thomas University Residence Halls, double rooms are only for students coming together.
• Prices may change, however, it happens rarely during the calendar year.

Cancellation and refunds - accommodation.
• You should inform Rennert Bilingual about your intended change of accommodation at least 4 weeks in advance.
• In case of couses that last for 4 weeks or shorter there is no possibiliby of changing accommodation and getting a refund.
• A fee of $85 will be charged for changing accommodation after arrival.
• A non-refundable fee of $85 must be paid together with the registration fee.
Cancellation should be filed in a written form. Rennert Miami will return the money within 30 days to the person or agency who made the original payment. Students who paid through an agency should turn to them for their refund.
For cancelling or changing accommodation less than 4 weeks before the beginning of the course, a fee of  $200 will be charged.

Now that you have decided in which of the courses offered you would like to participate, you need to register. This process is simple, however, it should be carried out as soon as possible. All formalities can be arranged by mail or in person at LEXIS.
After choosing the course and accommodation, you fill in an enrolment form, sign an agreement and transfer the due amount of money to our LEXIS bank account.
- The enrolment form, together with one copy of the agreement and a receipt confirming the money transfer should be mailed or faxed to us, so that we receive it at least 5 weeks before the beginning of the course.

Before departure you will receive from us:
- a confirmation of enrolment on the course, together with an appropriate letter for the U.S. customs officers
- an airplane ticket (persons travelling from cities other than Warsaw contact an agent)
- an accommodation confirmation together with the address, telephone and a short characteristics of the host family.
- an invoice for the services offered

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask.

After completing the projects required by the course and by regular parcitipation in the classes, each student receives a Certificate of Course Completion.

Medical care fees in the USA can be very high and it is not uncommon that the hospitals refuse to accept a patient who lacks the necessary insurance. This is why it is required that every student posesses an insurance covering the journey and the stay in the USA. Such insurance can be bought at LEXIS.