BodiBalance™ Dance Workshops by Carol Fonda
Improve your English and learn dance in famous dance schools in the USA, among others Broadway Dance Center - school known from TV hit 'You can dance'...

Carol Fonda created BodiBalance for dancers who want to improve their skills and open their minds, bodies and emotions to new possibilities. These workshops are the journey, the aim of which is discovering your own personality and your own body. They will enable you to gain conscious of your body, so that the way you dance can change completely. 
BodiBalance Workshops comprise 2-hour classes every day with professional and qualified teachers. In the first week, participants of the workshops focus mainly on BodiBalance Move Principles. During next weeks the students learn how to improve their dance and make Jazz, ballet, Modern, or any other chosen style out of it.
The classes are designed to shift gradually from the neutral calm state to the state of "energetic hurricane", which gives your dance moreartistic expression.

photo: Carol Fonda

Carol Fonda danced ballet in San Francisco, in Lyon, Moderno ballet from Guatemala, and in many dance groups from New York. She also danced as a single dancer, taking part in TV programmes and interviews. She held BodiBalance workshops in United States, but also in Europe and Central and South Africa. Fame of the classes with Carol grew constantly, her students were both dancers and sportsmen, especially after her cd "BodiBalance© WarmUp for Dancers" was published.

Dance schools organizing BodiBalance Workshops:

Alvin Ailey American Dance Center - the aim of this school is to educate flexible dancers, who will be as good in Modern Dance as e.g. in ballet and Jazz. There are classes devoted to techniques and dance of Katherine Dunham and Lester Horton, and to ballet and American Jazz.

Ballet Arts - offers classes devoted to Jazz, Hip-Hop, Capoeira, step and many others. The school offers classes for dancers regardless of how much advanced they are. 

Broadway Dance Center - offers varied choice of dance classes. Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz, step, modern dance, yoga, acrobatic gymnastics - these are only some of the organized workshops. Both beginners as well as advanced dancers are admitted.

Dance New Amsterdam - organizes Jazz classes according to the technique by Lynn Simonson. 
Characteristic feature of her style of dance is specific, calm movements of the whole body. The classes comprise warm-up, and then complex dance movements that require precision of movements and rhytm.

Mark Morris School - mirrors style of dancing of Mark Morris Dance Group. There are workshops devoted to modern dance, ballet, Jazz/Hip-Hop and pilates.

Martha Graham School - dance technique adopted at Martha Graham School is based on the thesis that every move has its source in the abdomen and upper part of the body, and that the flexibility of movements is improved by strenghtening of the back.

Merce Cunningham Studio - classes are held in a style that enables you to use all possibilities that rhytm gives you. At the beginning there is a warm-up, then the participants are dancing.

Peridance - offers a great choice of dance workshops devoted to modern dance and ballet for dancers on all levels. The school uses all new trends in modern dance (technique by Limon and Martha Graham). There are also classes of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Capoeira, yoga and pilates.

Steps on Broadway - classes on all levels. The school offers a varied programme of workshops comprising, among others: ballet, Jazz, Modern Jazz, modern dance, step, tango, flamenco, Hip-Hop and Irish Dance.


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