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The Rennert School has its branches in New York and Miami, Florida. Apart from an English course we can also offer you studies at a university in the USA

The documents you receive from us entitle you to apply for the tourist or the student visa (whole year). The tourist visa is offered for students planning a stay shorter than 3 months and when the intensity of the course is less than 20 hours a week. In other cases, the student visa is necessary. You do not need to be a student to obtain a student visa.

RENNERT BILINGUAL IN NEW YORK                           Prices and conditions    We do not charge extra for being your agent

We are honoured to invite you to participate in English courses in
Rennert Bilingual, a school in the most exciting city in the world: New York. While listening to American English all the time, you will have a chance to experience unique attractions and take part in the artistic and intellectual events in the city. The Rennert Bilingual school is located conveniently on Manhattan, so all that makes New York a cosmopolitan city is within reach: the lights of Times Square, Lincoln Centre - the centre of artistic exhibitions, theatres on Broadway, the international buildings of the United Nations: bustling with life, and the peace and quiet of the Central Park, a unique atmosphere of the city centre, exquisite restaurants and elegant shops. The public transport system offers quick and convenient connections. The Rennert Bilingual school offers comprehensive programmes of American English. The teaching programme has been developed and changed for 25 years now, it is very flexible and can be adjusted to the student's individual needs. The teachers of Rennert Bilingual school are professionals, university graduates and English is their native tongue. They understand the role and importance of creating a school atmosphere where students can learn and develop their language skills through constant cooperation with the teacher and the other students. The teachers help the students to bring grammar to life and transfer it from the textbooks and texts to hearts and minds. The audiovisual aids that the school makes use of (textbooks, audio tapes, video recordings, computers) stimulate the learning process on all levels of proficiency.
New York, together with the Rennert Bilingual school provides the students with various opportunities, allows to concentrate on areas of personal interest and maximize the efficiency of the learning process. If you are interested in business, banking, social security, fine arts, dancing, law, fashion, shops, good food - you will find all this and more in New York.

RENNERT MIAMI, FLORIDA         Prices and conditions

Rennert Miami invites everybody to one of the most beautiful cities in the USA, full of sunshine and entertainment: Miami, Florida! Sun, beaches, salsa and style is a unique mixture, and at the same time: typically American.
Our school in Miami offers the students accommodation on a campus, from which you can easily reach the centre of Miami, with various attractions such as restaurants, shops, baseball games featuring  the Florida Marlins team, basketball games with Miami Heat, concerts, fitness clubs, night clubs and discos, full of exciting night life. During the weekend you can go to Disney World, visit the Universal Studios, theme parks owned by the MGM or the famous Epcot Center. You can also drive to fashionable places such as Orlando, Florida Keys or South Beach. You can go on a one day cruise to the Bahamas, dive, visit the Kennedy Space Center or simply lie on the beach and enjoy the sun!


Rennert Miami, in cooperation with St. Thomas University, offers the students who are seriously interested in studying at colleges and universities in the United States an excellent opportunity.
Rennert Miami helps the students to enrol at St. Thomas University as a part of a special programme. Persons studying at an American university such as St. Thomas University will have easier access to academic institutions in the USA, which means that continuing the studies that one took up in their own country at a university in the United States is an easy and straightforward procedure.
If you would like to study in other schools or universities in the United States or Canada, our TOEFL Success programme increases your chances on the entrance examinations. In Rennert Miami we can help not only to improve your English, but also to adapt culturally, educationally and socially, so that you draw maximum pleasure and benefit from your studies in the USA.


St. Thomas University is a diversified community of students of all races, confessions, nationalities and beliefs. We offer learning in a friendly atmosphere which promotes developing each individual student's talents. The university offers Bachelor and Master studies as well as professional courses.
The students of Rennert Miami can use the facilities of St. Thomas University, e.g. the computer room (broadband internet), academic materials, a modern library, a fitness club, a swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball, football and baseball pitches, students' lounge and a cafeteria.
  In the past few years Rennert in Miami has accepted many students, aged between 17 and 55 (average 22 years old). They came from 24 different countries!