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St.Giles School was established in 1955 and now consists of 5 centres located in London,ENGLISH COURSES in ENGLAND Brighton, Eastbourne and San Francisco. The School is a member of ARELS, which brings together the most recognized schools teaching foreigners English. St. Giles Colleges is recommended by British Council. What is more, the courses for teachers organized by St. Giles in London, Brighton and San Francisco are recommended by the Royal Society of Science in Cambridge.

Great results of the students at St. Giles have to be ascribed to very well educated lecturers with high qualifications. They take care of the student from the moment the course starts: assessment test at the beginning checks your language efficiency, if necessary the lecturers will help you to solve your problems and every two weeks you will take a test the aim of which will be to show how much you have already learned.

Apart from English learning St. Giles gives you the opportunity to directly take part in every-day life of Americans or Englishmen in your free time.

Types of accommodation

Usually the students prefer to live with families. This is the best way not only to get to know every-day life of the Americans or Englishmen, but it is also an opportunity to use the knowledge gained during classes in practice. The host families are very carefully chosen by the school's employees according to the information about the student given before the course. The host family takes care of the student's needs and prepares the meals - taking the preferences of our students into account. Students and teenagers may also choose students' accommodation and the persons who want to feel independent can stay at the hotels situated near the school.

In order to give you the possibility of choosing the type of accommodation that suits you best please inform us about your expectations at least four weeks (Great Britain) and eight weeks (USA) before the day of your arrival.


On the first day of your course you will write a test in order to check your knowledge and qualify you to the proper level of the group. The test consists of the written part and a short talk with the teacher or other qualified employee of the school.

The following levels of the groups are available during every course:
- beginner
- elementary
- intermediate I
- intermediate II
- intermediate III
- advanced

The group consists of max. 12 people, but usually there are 8-9 people. All the courses organized by St. Giles are held in international groups, which enables you to speak English not only with the teachers but also with other students.

Exams and certificates

St. Giles School prepares for the all known all over the world English language exams, e.g.English language courses in England: First Certificate in English, Certificate in Advanced English, Certificate of Proficiency in English, Oxford Examinations, TOEFL and LCCI Examinations. You can get information regarding the dates of the exams and charges in the Foreign Languages School "LEXIS".

All the branches of St. Giles organize the exams on all levels. If you pass such an exam and get the results of your course, you will be entitled to receive the Certificate of St. Giles School, which confirms that you completed you course at St. Giles on given level.

Characteristics of particular courses:

St. Giles offers courses of many levels of intensity, the aim of which is to prepare the students to realize their goals. The participants of the courses in London and Brighton have to be at least 16 years old, and of the courses in Eastbourne 14 years old (unless it was specified otherwise - courses for children/seniors).

-- super intensive courses (28 hours per week) for people who want to prepare for the Cambridge examinations. You will have 6 classes during the day: 4 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon (apart from Fridays);

- intensive courses (20 lessons per week) for the students who want to spend at least 2 weeks in England and apart from learning English would like to gain knowledge about the life and culture of British people. You will have classes in the morning or in the afternoon (depending on your preferences);

- general courses (15 lessons per week) for every person who would like to speak and write English fluently. You will have classes in the afternoons, 3 hours ever day, from 13.45 pm to 16.45 pm

Lesson lasts 50 minutes.
Apart from the courses mentioned above different branches of St. Giles offer particular specialised courses:

academic courses (28 hours per week, the course lasts 4 weeks) for university students who want to prepare for future studies in English-speaking countries. You need to know English on intermediate II or higher level.

- courses for the management staff - for people over 21 who want to learn in a short period of time vocabulary and gain skills connected with business English. The course consists of the following parts: negotiations, presentation and analysis of the data. However, the programme of the course may be slightly modified if the students wish so. The courses last at least a week and start ever week all the year long. If you choose this course you will have 20, 30 or even 35 hours per week. You need to know English on intermediate II level.

- business courses (28 hours per week, the course lasts 4, 8 or 12 weeks), there are general English classes in the morning and business English classes in the afternoon. You will particularly learn to talk fluently on general business topics, write business letters and talk on the phone, prepare reports and deliver speeches. After completing the course you may take LCCI exam. You need to know English on intermediate II or higher level.

preparatory courses for Cambridge or TOEFL examinations - for persons who would like to study on one of the universities in English-speaking countries or work abroad. You need to know English at least on intermediate level.

- one-year courses (20 hours per week) for people who would like to learn English while staying some time in England and in the future want to work or study in one of the English-speaking countries. Further information at the College Of Foreign Languages LEXIS.

courses for kids ( 10 - 15 years) are organized in modern recreation centres. Apart from learning the language the kids will just have fun, take part in sport classes, visit interesting places in the neighbourhood. Experienced employees of the school will take care of them all the time. Further information at the College Of Foreign Languages LEXIS.

course for teachers -organized for people who would like to teach or they already teach English in their countries and want to improve their qualifications. Further information at the College Of Foreign Languages LEXIS.

learning language and working -this course is for those students in the age from 18 to 30 years who in the same time would like to learn English and gain experience at work in the field they choose. You need to know English on intermediate II or higher level.

- learning language and recreation -apart from learning language we offer to the students a special cultural and recreation programme and a opportunity to take part in every-day life of British people.

Recreation and cultural Programme

Every St. Giles branch offers very interesting and rich recreation and cultural programmes for the participants of the courses. These are sightseeing tours, visits in the museums, cinemas, theatres and bowling centres. Students may also play their favourite sport games, e.g. tennis, squash, badminton or volleyball. There are computer laboratory with well-equipped multimedia library, library with reading room and language laboratory in every St. Giles centre. Using these facilities is usually free or the cost is very low.


Persons who would like us to arrange the journey for them should specify means of transport in the declaration form or agree upon this issue with our Representative.
You may go by:
ˇ plane
ˇ bus
ˇ train
Your ticket will be waiting for you in the College of Foreign Languages "LEXIS", you will receive it from our Representative or by mail.


During the journey the student is insured by the carrier (civil liability). During your stay abroad you can buy additional insurance from the Representative specified by us.






All issues concerning the course, booking, journey etc. you may set in person or by mail in the College of Foreign Languages "LEXIS" or with our Representative. After you choose the course, type of accommodation and other services you will be asked to fill in the application form, sign the contract and make a settled payment in PLN on our bank account "LEXIS". Application form, one copy of the contract and the confirmation of the payment should be sent to us by mail or fax so that we would be able to receive the documents two weeks before the course starts (persons from other towns contact our Representative).

Before you leave you will receive:

ˇ confirmation of the admission to the course together with a special letter for the border authorities in Great Britain so that you do not have any problems with entering Great Britain,
ˇ ticket for your journey - if you are leaving from Warsaw (persons leaving from other towns in Poland contact our Representative),
ˇ confirmation of the booking of your accommodation together with the address, telephone and a short characteristic of the host family.
- bill for all services you paid for.

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