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English Language Schools in the UK - ST. GILES LONDON CENTRAL 2018

The English School is located in the centre of England's capital city (London), 5 minutes from "Theatre Land" West End and British Museum. Language School in London offers adult English courses (General and Business English, Training for teachers, preparatory courses for Cambridge, IELTS Exams) and English courses for Juniors in well equipped classrooms, language laboratory, access to the computers with newest language programmes as well as access to the Internet.

Course Types and fees 2018

Lesson = 50 minutes

English Courses starts on every Monday except public holidays :1 January, 30 March, 2 April, 7 &28 May, 27 August, 25&26 December.
Beginners should start on: 2 January, 26 March, 25 June, 30 July, 3 September, 29 October.

Registration fee for all courses - L80

 Classes per week
1-3 weeks 4-7 weeks 8-11 weeks 12+weeks
General English Course 28(09.00-15.35) L386 L345 L326 L306
20(09.00-12.50) L300 L270 L255 L240
20(13.55-17.45) L223 L201 L190 L178
Cambridge Examination Preparation 28(09.00-15.35) - L345 L326 L306  (max 13 weeks)
20(09.00-12.50) - - L255 L240  (max 13 weeks)
General English + English for Business 28(09.00-15.35) L383(min 2 weeks) L345 L326 L306  (max 12 weeks)
General English +English for University Studies 28(09.00-15.35) - L345 L326 L306  (max 12 weeks)
English +Unpaid Internship (extra charges apply to placement) 28(09.00-15.35) - L345 L326 L306
20(09.00-12.50) - L270 L255 L240
20(13.55-17.45) - L201 L190 L178


CPE 10 weeks 2 Jan-9 March
FCE/CAE 11 weeks 2 Jan-16 March
FCE/CAE/CPE 13 weeks 19 Mar-15 June
FCE/CAE 10 weeks 18 Jun-24 August
FCE/CAE/CPE 13 weeks 10 Sept-7 December

Attention: some courses require correspondence qualification pre-test.


Examinations fees are valid till 31 Dec 18

First (FCE) 16 Mar, 12 Jun, 23 Aug, 4 Dec L139
Advanced (CAE) 17 Mar, 13 Jun, 24 Aug, 5 Dec L143
Proficiency (CPE) 10 Mar, 14 Jun, 6 Dec L151
NB. The above dates are for writing and listening tests. Speaking tests are held on different dates.


Course with discount for students who would like to stay in London 24 weeks or more and have maximal contact with English culture and every-day life. Semester course may optionally include preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE, CPE Examinations. ISC students who choose homestay accommodation benefit from a discount of about 10% on normal charges.

Price list of the English courses in London for 2018:

24 weeks

25-35 weeks
36 weeks
28 classes per week
L257 L254 L251
20 classes per week
L209 L206 L204
20 classes per week
L168 L164 L162


This course is for persons who would like to learn as much as possible as soon as possible and have the best results. This course combines 15, 20, 25, 30 or 35 hours of general course per week in groups of max. 5 people and 1 hour of individual classes with the teacher every day. Before the course every course participant fills in a form, which is the basis for a methodics specialist to prepare the detailed programme of the course.
During the course, apart from English you will be able to take part in classes dedicated to negotiations in English and professional communication in business.

Courses start every Monday apart from holidays and national holidays.
Price includes: booking of the course, information package, lessons, basic handbooks, using language laboratories and school's library, reports and certificate of the completion of the course, gifts from St. Giles.
Price does not include: accommodation and booking of accommodation, trips, theatre tickets, examination fees, transfer from the airport to the place of accommodation.


Platinum Course

1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks

35h/week (09.00-16.45)

L1103 L1068 L1036 L1001

30h/week (09.00-15.30)

L948 L924 L899 L877
25h/week (9.00-14.35) L794 L777 L759 L742
20h/week (09.00-13.00) L638 L626 L617 L605

15h/week (13.45-16.45)

L406 L400 L393 L387
Individual classes for 2-3 students 46 GBP - for 1 lesson/ 1 student

Individual classes for 2-3 persons enrolling on the course together L46 / lesson


individual classes

1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks

4+ weeks

35 classes per week (09.00-16.45)

L2228 L2138 L2051 L1970

30 classes per week (09.00-15.30)

L1918 L1841 L1764 L1695
25 classes per week (09.00-14.35) L1602 L1556 L1509 L1460
20 classes per week (09.00-13.00) L1289 L1250 L1214 L1177

15 classes per week (13.45-16.45)

L931 L903 L875 L848

Platinum Plus - English course with individual classes in London

It's a combination of whichever English course with individual classes every day (min. 5 lessons/week) and it's suited for persons who want quick progress in their languages study.
Extra charge (5 lessons): L285 week, L57  for every lesson extra.

Preparation for IELTS Examination in London

IELTS Preparation

Lessons per week 1-3 weeks 4-7 weeks 8-11 weeks 12+ weeks
28 (09.00-15.35 - L345 L326 L306
20 (09.00-12.50) - L270 L255 L240

IELTS - The course starts the same as the general course (20 classes). Apart from preparation for the exam it covers also typical academic subjects - it is a part of Study Year Abroad Programme, but it is also available for the participants of the general course (General English). You may take IELTS Examination every month.

Price includes: booking of the course, lessons, basic handbooks, access to language laboratories, and school's library, reports and certificate of the completion of the course.
Price does not include: accommodation and booking of accommodation, trips, theatre tickets, examination fees, transfer from the airport to the place of accommodation.


Lessons per week

Number of weeks & Price per week

1 2 3 4+
20 lessons (09.00-13.00) L1201 L1165 L1131 L1096
15 lessons (13.45-16.45) L771 L748 L724 L703
1-14 lessons per week

L63 per lesson

ENGLISH PLUS (Choose any group course and add one-to-one lessons (minimum 5 per week) to maximise you progress.

L240 per week (5 lessons), L48 per additional lesson

ENGLISH COURSE FOR TEACHERS in London (TEC) (26 classes per week)

Course for teachers of English. Newest teaching techniques and nuances in methodics are discussed - it is the best training for teachers.
2 weeks - L766 P


Course format : Excursions around London in the morning with 4 General English Lessons each day in the afternoon.

Course length : 1 or 2 weeks

1 week : L376, 2 weeks: L666  

Dates of the start 2018: 9, 23 July 2018

ENGLISH + Unpaid Internship in the UK 4 - 24 weeks

Course format: 4-24 weeks' English course, plus 2-24 weeks' (volunter) internship

Entry Citeria: 18-32 years (EU and EEA nationals only, or Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa holders.

English Level: B1-C2 (Intermediate-Proficient) at time of placement, depending on placement required.

Name Length of Internship Placement Fee in GBP
Regular placement (Business, Administration/Customer Services/Education/Administration/fashion/Hospitality/Marketing/Sales/Tourism 6-24 weeks L600
Specialised placement (Architecture/Engineering/IT/Finance/Journalism/Law/Media)t 12-14 L686
Short term programmes: Charity Retail/Social Care 2-4 L490
Short term programmes: Childcare*/Business Start

*Childcare internships will take place in Brighton only

4-5 L565


Starting dates: 2 Jan, 26 Mar, 25 Jun, 30 Jul, 3 Sep, 29 Oct

Number of weeks

Lesson per week 2-3 4
28 lessons (9.00-15.35) L402 L362
20 lessons (9.00-12.50) L315 L284

Accommodation - Central London


Accommodation is available on Sunday in the evening before the course starts, to Sunday after the end of the course. Students who choose accommodation in a double room pay as for single room if one of the persons resigns or if there is no roommate for this student. Student must check in at homestays between 10.00-23.00

Twin rooms can be reserved only for students travelling together

Price are per person per week (Prices are in GBP)

Students 18 years old

Students 16-17 years old

Jan-Jun/Sep-Dec 24 Jun-26 Aug Jan-Jun/Sep-Dec 24 Jun-26 Aug
Single Twin Single Twin Single Twin Single Twin
L192 L162 L202 L169 L204 L170 L214 L177
Standard 1-23 weeks/24+ weeks Half board (breakfast and dinner every day) L174 L146 L202 L169 L184 L153 L214 L177
Standard (each week) Breakfast only (no use of kitchen facilities) L153 L127 L159 L132 n/a n/a
*to qualify for the discounted long stay rate for 24+ weeks, all accommodation charges must be paid in advance at the full rate for 1-23 weeks, and students must remain in the same homestay for the whole period of their stay. After 24 weeks in the same homestay, students receive a refund of the difference between the two rates.

Price list of a superior homestay in London

January-December (Prices in GBP)



Superior Single (shared bathroom ) Half-board L254 L208
Breakfast only L202 L168
Superior Single (private bathroom) Half-board (as above) L333 L291
Breakfast only (no use of kitchen facilities) L284 L256
Full board Christmas supplement for half-board students (25 and 26 December) L30

RESIDENCE HALLS (age 18 and over)

Prices are per person per week in GBP

Somerset Court (Central London, 15 minutes' walk) Single en-suite, self-catering  L349 (January-December)
St Pancras Way  (15 minutes by public transport ) Single en- suite, self-catering

L349 (24 June-26 August)

Price list Residences in London

St Giles Residence (in the school buliding)

Jan-Jun/Sep-Dec 24 Jun-26 Aug


Twin Single


Standard rooms (shared bat Half-board (breakfast and dinner every day) L395 L328 L412 L341
Breakfast only L350 L283 L367 L296
Superior rooms (En suite) Half-board (breakfast and dinner every day) L444 L367 L463 L382
Breakfast only L399 L322 L418 L337
Available at the St Giles Cafe: Dinner L45 per week, 17.30 each day, Breakfast L27 per week, 8.00-9.00 Mon-Fri, 8.30-10.30 Sat-Sun.

UCL Residence (Central London, 15 minutes's walk). Single (shared bathroom) half board ( breakfast and dinner every-day + packed lunch at weekends)  L363


Low standard

1 - 6 nights

7+ nights

single room double or shared room single room double or shared room
Mentone Hotel, breakfast included, Wi-Fi free L84 L53/106 L82 L52/104
St Giles Hotel***, breakfast included, access to Entertainment Center, swiming pool - 5 GBP L80 L56/112 L80 L56/112
The Lancaster (Grange Hotels)***,  breakfast, mornig newspaper, Wi-Fi free, private bathroom, shared WC L84 L54/108 L76 L49/98
Available at the St Giles Cafe: Dinner L45 per week, 17.30 each day.
The Grange Lancaster (Grange Hotel)***, w ofercie śniadanie, poranna gazeta i bezpłatne Wi-Fi L141 L72/144 L127 L65/130
Grange Blooms Hotel****, breakfast, mornig newspaper, Wi-Fi free, private bathroom, shared WC L147 L88/176 L133 L80/160
The Beauchamp (Grange Hotels)**** L174 L101/202 L157 L92/184
Available at the St Giles Cafe : Dinner 45 GBP per week, 17:30 each day.

APARTMENTS(Ages 18 and over)

Prices from L200 per night for a 1-bedroom apartment. Price may vary according to type of apartment and length of stay. This is  an ideal alternative option for Platinum Clients or for families travelling together.



ˇ Possible is also accommodation at the hotels of different standard. Price for a night (depending on the standard) 56-376 GBP.

Transfer from the airport

Airport accommodation is available at the St Giles Airport Hotel : Single L69, twin room L82 for one person or L41 each for two people sharing.

Number of passengers and price per passenger 1 2 3 4 5 6+
Heathrow&London City Airport to London L76 L50 L41 L33 L30 ask our office
Gatwick ,Stansted, Luton to London L89 L60 L44 L36 L32 ask our office
1.Prices are per passengers per single journey 2.Prices are 50% higher for 1 January and 25/26 December 3. Waiting time (if you or your flight are delayed more than 90 minutes): 30 GBP per hour 4. Receive a reduction of 10 GBP pp if you book a return transfer to London Heathrow or London City Airport (1-3 passengers only)

It is price for one-way transfer. For waiting for the student (e.g. if the flight is delayed) you have to pay additionally L12  for every hour.

How to become the student at St. Giles Colleges?

All issues concerning the course, booking, arrival, journey etc. may be settled in person or by mail at College of Foreign Languages "LEXIS" or with our Representative. When you choose the course, accommodation and other services you are asked to fill in the application form, sign the contract and pay the agreed amount in PLN on our bank account "LEXIS". The application form, one copy of the contract and confirmation of payment should be sent to us by mail or fax, so that we receive it 2 weeks before the course starts (persons from other towns contact our Representative).

Before you leave you will receive:

ˇ confirmation of the admission to the course together with a special letter for the border authorities in Great Britain so that you do not have any problems entering Great Britain,
ˇ ticket for your journey - if you leave from Warsaw (persons leaving from other cities in Poland contact our Representative),
ˇ confirmation of the booking of your accommodation together with the address, telephone and short characteristic of the host family,
ˇ bill for all services you paid for.

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