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Work and study  AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND with OPUS

Investing in OPUS Work and Study programme can give you professional experience, much more valuable than theory from school, and can give you more possibilities than you can imagine. If you think that you cannot afford a year abroad, you have to think this programme over. Work, which is the part of the programme, can cover the costs of study, and combination of work and study can change your way of thinking forever. 

If you think of your future and want to do something to make your dreams come true, this programme may be something you are looking for. OPUS provides for general and Business English and paid work. Persons who would like to take part in the programme have to meet the criteria of age and level of English knowledge. Language classes are held in small groups, students also prepare for a job interview. A job offer for the participant is provided, but if the participant thinks he/she is able to find an employer alone, he/she is free to do so. 

We talk a lot about global economy, but what does it really mean and in what way can it influence your life and career? You may enter the world of international business or work in your home town - in both cases the employer is glad to know that you have international experience. When you combine theory and experience, studying and working with OPUS, you will be able to show your strength of character and ability to work with people of other cultures.

Your dream is to work in IT sector, health or social care, e-trade, international financing, websites design or teaching, or maybe you would like to run your own business? In every job, in all countries you will need self-confidence, ability to work in a group and communication skills. These are the universal skills necessary on the global job market. OPUS Study and Work Programme can give you all of these.

You can choose the place of study and work from several the most interesting cities in the world.

Possible types of work: shops, caffees, restaurants, hotels (experience necessary), cleaning, fruit harvest.

Number of hours you work depends on several factors - season (January - March is not a very busy period in touristic sector, but June - July and December are the peak of the season), skills of the student (the employer can offer more hours to a person with interpersonal skills, if it's possible), type of visa (students taking part in Holiday Work can work as many hours as they wish after completion of language training).

Hours of work can differ - may be in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evenings. Student will be informed about the hours of work before the interview. Students should be flexible to combine study and work. Classes are usually held in the morning, and you work in the afternoon. 

During the preliminary phone call the student will be informed about possible types of employment. The participant will have to tell if he/she is satisfied with these offers. It will not be possible to choose the job or change the place of employment with no reason. Students start working after 6-8 weeks after the start of the course. Some may start working earlier, some later. Students with poor knowledge of the language may be referred to additional language course. 


Student fills in an application form, and he/she additionally attaches:

2 credentials - first one from the former employer or a teacher, on the company's paper with official seal of the company/ school.
Second one may concern the character of the applicant and may be issued by a person who has known the applicant for at least 2 years. Credentials should be translated (certified translation). 

CV - we can supply you with an exemplary CV, it should not be longer than 2 pages. Then you will take part in a telephone interview. OPUS Representative will call the candidate at his/her home. Summary of the candidate's level and the possible date of the start of work will be sent to the partner agency (to LEXIS). 

Students going to New Zealand have to get a student visa before departure. Students taking part in OPUS 5, 6 and 9 in Australia will have to modify their student visa after arrival to get work permission. The costs are covered by the student.

After arrival students will be informed about the procedure of the employment, will receive exemplary questions to prepare. Students will take part in exemplary individual job interviews, OPUS employees will give them advice how to behave during the real job interview. 

Students will receive instructions how to fill in the documents necessary for employment (opening a bank account, getting the tax identification number, insurance, etc.). If you have any problems, OPUS employees will help you to fill them in. 

OPUS employees will organize the job interviews and will inform the students of the time and place. The students will be notified of the results directly by the employer or the OPUS employee.  

When the students start working, they receive the advice how to behave in a new job and what to do in the case of any problems. Most of the employers confirm the employment after the trial period. OPUS will be checking if the student is satisfied with the work and how he/she is doing. 

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