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Russian for beginners

 Elementary level (A1)

Elementary course for beginners is addressed to students, businessmen who study Russian as a foreign language and who want to feel confident in their daily communication. Special focus is on conversations.

Duration: 6 weeks (=120 hours)

Result: People who finished the course have the basic knowledge of Russian grammar , reading skills and are able to understand  simple texts and phrases  (posters and advertisements).

In addition, people who complete the course are able to speak and write about themselves, their family, friends, work and personal interests using vocabulary  consisting of about 760 characters.

Basic level (A2)

This programme is for people who have elementary knowledge of Russian as a foreign language. Thid courses gives a chance of expand Russian language knowledge. Special focus is on speaking and writing.

Duration: 10 weeks+ (=200 hours)

Result: People who complete the course are able to understand short texts and articles from newspapers. In addition they are able to maintain the conversation by communicating in daily situations as well as discuss different subjects e.g. about themselves, their families, work, weather. Their vocabulary consists of about 1300 characters.

General Russian course

First level (A1)

To enroll on this programme you need to have a basic Russian language knowledge. This course is for you provided that you are a tourist or businessman or when studying Russian is your main goal.

Duration: 19 weeks+ =(460 hours) from A2 level

Result: People who complete the course are able to read short texts from newspapers, magazines and books by which they understand the meaning of texts, certain details and author's idea. They are also able to write 20 sentences of a text about themselves, their families, work, life, weather etc. They can understand dialogues placed in different situations; they understand advertisements, news on social and cultural issues. Graduate's vocabulary consists of about 2300 words.

Second level

This course is addressed to the foreign language speaking pupils, students for who Russian is neccessary in their profession.

Duration: 19 to 23 weeks + (=380-460) from level B1

Result: People who complete the course are able to read   newspapers and artistic texts understanding well the author's opinion. They are able to write works, texts' resumes, texts in a form of personal and official letters. They understand dialogues reffering to  daily matters as well as  are able to tell what they have seen, express their opinions and analyse problems freely. Graduate's vocabulary consists of  around 10 000 words.

Advanced Russian course

Third level (C1)

The programme is addressed to the people who have achieved  level B2 (TRKI-II).

Duration: 14 weeks+ (=280 hours) from level B2

Result:Polishing Russian grammar, speaking and writing. Comprehension of texts on cultural, official subjects etc.
People who complete the course are able to maintain the dialogue by using different forms of communication, expressing their opinions freely. Graduate's vocabulary consists of  12 000 words.

Fourth level (C2)

This course is for people who have achieved the level C1 (TRKI - III) and want to..... The programme can be useful especially for foreign scientists and Russian teachers.

Duration: 9 weeks + (=180 hours) from C1 level

Result: Graduates are able to and interpret the source texts from different fields - abstract, philosophical, professional,journalistic and artistic. They are able to write academic works by themselves, they fully understand radio and TV programmes. Graduates have no problems in carrying  on dialogues and monolgues  about every subject.

Business Russian course

Programmes  Business Russian course have been especially designed for managers and workers from international companies active in Russia.

Basic level (Russian Language First Certificate in Business Russian)

Duration: From 4 to 5 weeks, from 80 to 100  hours provided that the participant of the course is at least on  level A1.

Result:  Graduate will be able to write simple business letters, advertisments and carry on simple business conversations.
The  level A2  course is recommended together with the abovementioned course.

Intermediate level (Russian Language Second Certificate in Business Russian)

Duration: 20 weeks +, 180 hours provided that the person is at least on level A2.

Result:  You will be able to write business letters, business documents, CV etc. Apart from that you will become familiar with  business etiquette in Russia, geography, Russia's politics as well as its spiritual values.

Advanced level (Russian Language Certificate in Advanced Business Russian)

Duration: 12 weeks+ (=240 hours) provided that the person is  at least on level B1.

Result:  The completion of the course means mastering all of the types of written and oral communication, being able to write articles, business plan, participation in a conversation on every subject.

Proficiency level (Russian Language Certificate in Proficiency in Business Russian)

Duration: 6 weeks, 120 hours

Result:  You are proficient in Russian language on the level of qualified translators.

Preparation to higher studies at university of Russia

The course is for people who wish to study at university of Russia. The neccessary condition is the language knowledge at level  B1.


-10 months (=800 hours) -standard course
-6 months (=over 20 hours per week) - intensive course

You can start attending the course in September or January.

In order to become a student at university of Russia, the student has to pass the Test Of Russian As A Foreign Language (TORFL).

Summer and winter short-term programme

To study Russian language in summer and winter, the best and the quickest is  Russian As A Foreign Language (RFL). The programme is for people who  have only just begun studying Russian language as well as for those who wish to continue their education in  Saint Petersburg -the capital city of culture of Russia.


20 hours per week, from 1 week to three months.


Registration fee for booking the course in LEXIS School of Foreign Languages (irrespective of duration of the course) totals 200€.


-in groups of 10-12 people 20 lessons/week - $40 per week*
-in mini-groups from 4 to 5 people, 20 lessons/week -
$ 280 per week
-in groups from 10 to 12 people, 28 lessons per week-
$205  per week
$40 per hour of lesson (1 hour of lesson = 45 minutes)

* Price for all group programmes. Prices fluctuate depending  whether the programmes are tailored to student's needs.

Registration fees:

-$140- the course up to 4 weeks
-$240-the course up to 12 weeks
-$340-the course from 13 to 24 weeks
-$440- the course over 25 weeks

Transfer fees:

From the airport -$30
To the airport -$20


Invitation letter  sent via messenger DHL -$100 - $ 130

ATTENTION: All fees must be paid in cash (in roubles), in calculation of  Central Bank on a given day. You can also bring Visa credit card, MasterCard or traveller's cheques and get the change in the bank near  Institute.

Examination fees:

Fee must be paid in roubles in Sherbank's section in Saint Petersburg. It is the section at Philology Department: room no.8, building no. 11, Universitetskaya naberezhnaya. You can pay your fees by making a draft.

Elementary level -3650 roubles
Basic level -3650 roubles
TRKI-1-4020 roubles
TRKI-2 -4380 roubles
TRKI-3-4750 roubles
TRKI-4-4750 roubles

Russian citizenship test -4020 roubles

Test preparation:

-Individual: 1 hour of lesson-
40 USD
-Group:1 hour of lesson - 10 USD

Preparatory courses: from 2 weeks to 2 months

Price for group courses: 1 week (20 hours of lessons)- 140 USD

Trial test: 50% of normal price



All of the host  families have worked with foreign school for many years. Most of them live near the University in historical centre of Saint Petersburg.

The price includes:

-private room
-meals (breakfast + dinner)
-bedclothes and towels for a change
-the use of kitchen after consulting it with the host

Payment for accommodation. The procedure:

- Payment must be done in cash (in roubles), according to calculation of Central Bank on the day of arrival (not fewer than $1 = 30 roubles)
-payment should be done 4 months  before the arrival
- you pay the price to the host family in roubles according to the pricelist


Accommodation with the host family  2 weeks and more
Room and breakfast 28,5 USD per day

All of the prices for accommodation concern 1 person in a single room.
Accommodation  per 1 person in a single room without food is possible for the period of  1 month  and longer  for 400 USD per month (exclusively on client's request).

In hostel or in residence:

Russian Language and Culture  Institute also offers accommodation in dormitories or hostels. ATTENTION: Number of places limited! You are obliged to ask a question whether there is a possiblity of accommodation in dormitory beforehand.

Accommodation in hostel meal price per 1 person
room from 4 to 6 people - 10 USD per 1 day
Accommodation in residence meal price per 1 person
double room or triple room - 670 USD per 1 month

ATTENTION: In case of rise in the value of dollar, price may change.


Russian insurance system has not still  fully harmonised itself with international system  and only a few agencies in Russia will be able to accept your insurance in case you are ill -most of them will require additional fee.

As for course participants who intend to stay in Russia for longer than 4 weeks we offer buying Russian insurance policy which guarantees free of charge medical care in agencies of Petersburg.
Bought policy is issued within 3 days from arrival.


stay lasting 5  - 7 weeks


stay lasting 8 -11 weeks


stay lasting  12 -24 weeks


stay lasting 6-12 months


To begin studying at Center of Russian Language and Culture of Saint Petersburg State University, each participant of the course should fill in  the following questionnaire and send it to Lexis School of Foreign Languages office at least 6 weeks before the start of the programme.

1. Name, surname,sex (in Latin alphabet, not Cyryllic alphabet)
2.Date and place of birth
3.Number, date of issuing and date of expiry of the document
5.e-mail/fax for communication purposes
6. Number of fax of Russian consulate where you will apply for visa
7.Dates of the  beginning and the end of the course
8. Preffered type of accommodation
9. If you studied Russian before, please:

  • tell where and how long

  • give the name and address of school

  • give telephone number, fax number and school e-mail

  • give the Head's surname and your teacher's surname

All visas should be handed out by  Russian Consulate on the basis of the invitation from Saint Petersburg University. In the visa questionnaire you should write "studying" in the field where you have to specify the reason for your departure. Handing out  the invitation takes  around 5 weeks ( Ministry of Foreign Affairs charges 32 USD  which should be paid  by the student in school's secretariat right after the arrival). Please specify the exact date  of arrival and departure from Russia as preparing the new invitation takes time and involves additional payments.

It is possible for school to send the copy of the invitation via fax or the original version via courier (with additional charge).  Student visa may be prolonged for the period after the arrival.

 Center of Russian Language and Culture can organise picking students up from the airport or railway station and driving them to the place of accommodation. All concerned should send an e-mail with the details of arrival  (date, time and number of flight) 6 days before the arrival. In case of delays, the driver will wait for the participant of the course 2 hours maximum. The school is not liable for losses caused by delays.

If you failed to find our driver at the station/ airport, please call our hotel service (+812-352-42-87 or +812-352-24-28).

Studying Russian  at the university in Russia - information

See also: Russian Language School in Moscow and St. Petersburg

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There are several options for accommodation during the language course. Most participants chose for our apartment. This is the cheapest possibility and standard included in the course fee. Alternatives at an extra charge are a host family, to rent an apartment in the city center, or to stay in a hotel. You can also organise the accommodation yourself, in that case a discount is applicable.

Shared apartment

We have an apartment specially for participants at our language course. This apartment is in a new-built flat and has a simple but modern interior design. In this flat there is extra attention for fire safety: every room has a smoke alarm, a fire extinguisher, fire safety doors (EI-30). There are no gas lines in the apartment. We have equipped every room with a TV (only Russian channels) a DVD-player and a Radio/CD. Beds and matrasses are of good quality. The rooms can be locked, in every room there is a safe where you can keep your money and other valuables.

The standard course fee includes the stay in a shared room, with shared toilet/shower. At an extra charge, it is possible to reserve a single room, or a single room and access to individual sanitary. Use of beddings/towels are included in the course fee.

In the apartment is a small kitchen, washing machine and boiler (always hot water!). In the apartment is a collection of study books, city guides, DVD's, dictionaries. The apartment has two classrooms as well, which are used for language courses: this saves much travel time in a city with big distances.The apartment has WiFi-connection, for those who take their laptop. Our apartment is located at the western part of the Vasilievsky Island (metro Primorskaya), one of the better districts in Saint Petersburg. In the near neighbourhood are facilities: supermarket, fitness club, swimming pool, pizzeria, hair dresser, cash dispenser. The centre (metro Nevsky Prospekt) is 2 stops by metro away. Several busses go directly from the flat to the city centre.
Stay in the flat is cheap and fun. You quickly get to know other people with common interests, to discover a beautiful city together.


Next to the building where the lessons take place, we have a studio available. The studio is located in a new-built flat and is modern equipped with ikea-furniture. It is a clean and cozy apartment. An ideal option if you want full privacy, not to pay to much and to be close to the classes. The studio consists of a seperate bedroom and a combined kitchen/living room.
In the studio is a washing machine, internet-connection, TV, own sanitary. The studio has a double bed and a sofa, so it is a good option if you want to come with your partner or a friend wants to come over.


An alternative option we offer, is a host family. Although this type of accommodation is more expensive, it is an ideal chance to really feel the Russian life. The communication with your host family will allow you to practice your knowledge of Russian. In a host family you have a single room, breakfast and dinner are included.

Apartment in the city center

On your request we can provide you with an apartment in the center. We have several apartments available (studios till 3-room apartments, all centrally located).

We only rent out for the minimum period of 1 week, the rates:
- bed on a shared room (with 2 or 3 beds in total): 175 euro/week (low season), 295 euro/week (high season)
- single room, 1-person: 275 euro/week (low season), 395 euro/week (high season)
- single room, 2-persons: 325 euro/week (low season), 445 euro/week (high season)
- single room, 1-person, own sanitary (shower + toilet), 325 euro/week (low season), 495 euro/week (high season)
- single room, 2-persons, own sanitary (shower + toilet), 375 euro/week (low season), 545 euro/week (high season)

When staying 2 weeks or more, a 10% discount is applicable.
When staying 4 weeks or more, a 20% discount is applicable.

Use of beddings, towel, is included in the rental fee.


from 5 - 7 weeks


from 8 to 11 weeks


from 12 to 24 weeks


from 6 - 12 months


To start learning at Center of Russian Language and Culture of Saint Petersburg State University, every student must fill the form and send it to LEXIS at least 6 weeks before the start of the course.

  1. Name, surname, sex (in latin alphabet)
  2. Date and place of birth
  3. Number, date of expiration of passport
  4. Adress
  5. E-mail adress/fax for communication
  6. Fax number of the Russian consulate, where you will be applying for a visa
  7. Date of beginning and end of the course
  8. Preferred accomodation
  9. If you learned Russian before, please write:
    • where and how long
    • name and adress of the school
    • telephone number, fax or e-mail of the school
    • Name of the director and your teacher
  10. Confirmation of the payment condidtions

Transfer from the airport to the place of stay - 50
Registration from programme max. 4 weeks - 90 €
Registration for programme 4+ weeks - 120 €
Registration fee includes registration for course and visa registraion
Every Russian visa must be registreed 3 days before arrival
Mail fee
(for sending original invitations) - 45 € (Europe), 60 € (rest of the world)

LEXIS Registration fee
- 200 €.

Russian language course in Petersburg, Russia - information

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