COURSES FOR ADULTS  16+ and teenagers 14-17 - OXFORD - 2018   

> All prices given in GBP
> Prices do not include costs of accommodation (accommodation - see below)
> Full payment must be made at least 2 weeks before the course starts
> Minimal age of the course participants - 16 years



OXFORD-COURSES - all prices given in GBP  2018

Beginners start their course  every  Monday of the month

Hours per week

Course code:

(1 week)

Minimal course duration

Additional information Starting dates

Oxford English course, summer camp for youth

age 14-17

min. intermediate level

age: 10-15

  420 2 or 4 weeks English language course for teenagers in Oxford. Summer English course in the Kings Oxford school fulfils expectations of each and every participant. The course participants are the teenagers from around the world. The English language course is connected with a wonderful fun, the possibility to practice sport and sightseeing England. The price of the course includes tuition, sport, trips and the full board. 24 June,1, 8, 15, 22, 29 July, 5 August (only 2 weeks)
General English
CC 310 2-11 weeks 20 classes per week(15 hours). Minimal age: 16 years (average age from 18 to 30 years). Max. 14 students in a group. Min. level of students: elementary Courses start on every Monday
2th of  January - 10th of  December
274 12-23 weeks
260 24 weeks and more
General English


2-11 weeks 28 classes per week (21 hours). Minimal age 16 (average age from 18 to 30 years). Max. 14 students in a group. Min. level of students: elementary
326 12-23 weeks
281 24 weeks and more

Summer course



2 - 11 weeks

20 classes per week (15 hours.) - morning or afternoon  (according to timetable). The course price includes full schedule and one full-day trip a week (no entry fees). Min. level of students: elementary, Min. age: 16 years 

FCE (for the whole course)

CAE (for the whole course)

BOCI 2934 9 weeks 10 or 12 weeks - exam preparation 28 lessons/per week Max. 12 people in a group. Minimal age: 16 years (average age from 18 to 30 years). Minimal level: intermediate. Participants should book accommodation for additional week as exam will take place a week after the course ends. Examination fee (FCE 137  and CAE 141) is not included in the course price and is subject to change. You should register on the exam at least  8 weeks  in advance. 8 January (10 weeks), 19 March (12 weeks), 24 September  (12 weeks) - FCE and CAE
3912 12 weeks
3260 10 weeks
3586 11 weeks

IELTS - exam preparation

PI 2160 - for the whole course (the additional week - 360)

6 weeks

28 classes per week (21 hours): 20 per week of General English lessons,  (15 hours), 8 classes - preparation to IELTS exam (6 hours.). Min. age: 16 (average age 18-30). Max. 14 students in group. Minimal level of students: intermediate.  The course may be combined with additional individual lessons from September to June. You must book IELTS test 6 weeks in advance. Examination fee (131) is not included in the course price and is subject to change. Courses start on 2nd January, 12nd February, 26th March, 8 May, 18th June, 30th July, 8th October 2018
IELTS - very intensive exam preparation IE 2 weeks 32 classes per week (24h) additional independent work and practical test. Minimal age: 16 years  (average age from 18 to 30 years). Minimal level: intermediate. Max. 14 students in group Minimal level of students: intermediate. You must book IELTS test 6 weeks in advance.  Examination fee (122) is not included in the course price and is subject to change.  Courses (3 weeks) starting on: 4th June, 2nd July, 30th July
1302 - the whole course 3 weeks
 Diploma of English - academic intensive semester IIS 6744 the whole course 24 weeks of teaching 20 classes per week - morning or afternoon (15h), 6 independent lessons a week (4,5 hours)1 additional evening course per week (1 hour). Minimal age: 16 years  (average age 18-30 years). Max.14 students in a group.  Min. level of students: elementary The course IIS starts on every Monday from: 2th January to 10th December


English course with preparation for taking up the master's degree in the UK starts on: 3rd January, 11st September

9554 the whole course 34 weeks of teaching
English course with preparation for a master's degree in the UK   - 1 semester Every semester lasts 12 weeks, min. participants' age is 21 years.
September (3 semesters), level: IELTS 5.0 or exam equal with mark 5.0 in reading and writing
(2-3 semesters), level: IELTS 5.5 or exam equal with mark 5.5 in reading and writing
April (1-2 semesters), level: IELTS 6.0 or exam equal with mark 6.0 in reading and writing
June (1 semester), level: IELTS 6.0+ or exam equal with mark 6.0+ in reading and writing
- 2 semesters
18462 3 semesters

English + art and design

EA 393 - for a week

2 -11 weeks

28 classes/per week (21h), 20 General English lessons (15h), 8 art lessons (6h).Minimal age: 16 years  (average age from 18 to 30 years) . Max.14 students in a group. Min. level of students: elementary. Free access to St Kings school artistic workshop included in the price of the course.

Every Monday starting from the 2nd of January to the 10th of December 2018
360 - for a week 12 - 23 weeks
342 - for a week 24 +
Intensive English for beginners BI - 4 - 11 weeks 20 classes per week (15h),  8 lessons/ week, during which the participants will improve their speaking skills above all. Minimal age: 16 years  (average age from 18 to 30 years). Max.14 students in group. Min. level of students: elementary. -
- 12 weeks

Payments for English course (made in advance) are not returned in any case. 
 Student may be tested before leaving in order to check his knowledge of the language if he/she does not have IELTS certificate. Lack of necessary knowledge of English can be improved by ordering individual lessons. 




Type of accommodation


Single room

191 215
Room shared with other student (for single persons only in June, July and August, for groups apart from this period) 147 191

 *Low season: from 1st of  January to 17th of  June and 12nd of  August to 23rd of  December 2018 inclusive
High season: from  17th of June to 12nd of August 2018 inclusive

> The price includes half board from Monday till Friday (breakfast and hot dinner), full board in the weekend. Laundry possible for additional payment. Kings School keeps the right to charge additionally from students, who book 10 days or less before their arrival. 

Type of accommodation

Summer students residence

Single, two meals per day - 310

Student houses/apartments

Single. Shared bathroom, self-catering 260 260

Student residence

Single, self-catering 310 310

 *Low season: from 1st of  January to 15th of  June and from 10th of  August to 21st of  December 2018 inclusive
High season: from 14th of  June to 13th of  August 2018 inclusive

> Price includes half-board from Monday to Friday (breakfast and hot dinner) and full board on weekends. 
> arrival to the course may be on Saturday or Sunday, before the course starts. Accommodation available from Saturday to Saturday or from Sunday to Sunday. Participants of the course OSV are requested to arrive and leave on Sunday, because on Saturday after the course there is a free trip planned in the program to: Bath, Salisbury i Stonehenge, Winchester, Windsor, Oxford, Brighton, castles, parks and forests including brand new  national park. Participants aged from 14 to 15  who belong to groups are looked after by the group leader after lessons. They are not given the keys and have to return to their place of living before 10.30 pm.

The price of holiday OSV course includes:

  • Study -20 lessons per  week
  • one full-day trip per  week (entry fees not included)
  • wide range of activities -3, 4 times a week
  • Welcome and familiarization/introductory trip
  • Practical test on the day of arrival, weekly test checking study progress, the use of course books
  • 24 hour alarm number
  • Wi-Fi access, e-mail at school
  • completion of course certificate
  • Goodbye party
    Example activities: Volleyball, football, table tennis, basketball, sports days, the art club, movies, quizzes, karaoke, games and entertainment, the use of course books.
    Paid activities: Cinema ,theatre, bowling, roller skates, mini-trips, cultural trips, barbecues.

Day of arrival: Saturday or Sunday (for holiday courses Sunday is recommended)

Accommodation conditions:

  • Bedclothes provided, however students should have their own towels
  • Laundry available with a surcharge ( home stay)

Home stay - single or double room

  • full furnishing
  • bedclothes provided
  • breakfast and dinner everyday (usually only during a holiday)

Home stay  of  a higher standard:

  • huge, single bedroom with a full furnishing
  • double bed
  • TV set
  • private bathroom or shower
  • bedclothes provided
  • breakfast and dinner everyday

Kings Student residences

  • Student residence with a full furnishing with 5 to 6 bedrooms in a house with shared bathroom, kitchen and saloon
  • Single or double rooms available
  • In students residences there is a self-catering required
  • Bedclothes provided  on the day of participant's arrival
  • Laundry and cleaning up is the responsibility of the participant
  • Towels are not provided
  • Student residences within 10-20 minutes walking distance

Student residence - Oxford - Crescent Hall

  • Available only in season

  • Min. age: 16

  • 2  min. way to school

  • Continental breakfast and hot dinner in Kings' buffet

  • Modernity and comfort

  • Rooms are divided into independent apartments with 5-6 bedrooms with shared kitchen/living room in every apartment

  • Security and safety (cameras, 24-hour protection)

  • Rooms in independent apartments every has 6 rooms

  • For every 6 students there are 2 toilets and 2 bathrooms

  • Direct telephone connection in every apartment

  • Bedclothes and towels are provided

  • Self-service laundry

  • Members of a personnel of Kings school in a residence Crescent Hall

Premium students residence

  • Available from the 14th of June to the 13th of September

  • Half-board available for students on a summer course for adults

  • residence is located in the Oxford district which is full of students' life

  • there are a lot of coffeehouses, bars and restaurants

  • supermarket is in the distance of about 2 minutes

  • residence is guarded

  • shared bathroom and laundry

  • minimum age: 17 years

Accommodation for the participants of the summer teenagers course

Students residence:

  • single rooms in an apartment which is consisted of 6 bathrooms (each apartment has 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets and telephone)

  • residence with a security

  • laundry

  • mutual garden and lounge

TRANSFER FROM THE AIRPORT - one-way prices for one person

From the airport/station (one -way prices)
to Oxford  
Number of students 1




St. Pancreas/Central London 195

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