English in England. Accommodation in England (UK)

inlingua Cheltenham offers the following types of accommodation:

With a family
Cheltenham takes pride in high standards of accommodation with families. The school has been cooperating with many host families since 1990, since the school was established. Living with a British family gives the opportunity to improve your English skills and enables the student to get to know the culture and every-day life in Great Britain.

The price includes half board (breakfast and hot dinner) from Monday to Friday and 3 meals on weekends. There are single rooms and double rooms (shared with a student of other nationality), the students share bathroom with the host family. You may wash your clothes and bedclothing is changed once a week.

If the student has any allergies, special diet needs or wishes as far as accommodation is concerned, he/she should write about it in the application form so that appropriate host family can be chosen.

Many host families live about 15 minutes walk from the school
. From the families that live the longest way from the school it takes 20 minutes by bus to get to the school.

If the student would like to change the host family, he/she will have to pay additionally 25 GBP. Changing of the family is possible, but the student has to explain sufficiently the reason of the change. The school gives the whole amount of money for accommodation (apart from booking fee). The school is obliged to inform the family of the planned departure of the student or of his/her change of the family 4 weeks earlier. In specific circumstances, if the family does not guarantee what it is obliged to, inlingua has the right not to notify the family in 4-week advance and take the participant to other family, with no additional charges.

Although the inlingua school recommends accommodation with a family, some students prefer to live in one of the hotels located near the school.
There are many hotels to choose from - from small, friendly hotels to bigger ones. Details on website: http://www.visitcheltenham.gov.uk/.
Please remember that inlingua Cheltenham is not responsible for living conditions and the quality of the offered services in the hotels. 

Costs of accommodation in Canada (homestay) 2018

Charge for booking of the accommodation - 40 GBP
Additional fee for accommodation in the summer with the host family (July and August) - GBP 10

Homestay + 2 meals a day - 140 / week
Homestay + 3 meals a day - 155 / week
Homestay of higher standard + 2 meals a day - 190 / week
Homestay of higher standard + 3 meals a day - 205 / week.
Homestay without meals / with meals - 95 / week.
Accommodation in a student hotel / without food - 130 / week

Accommodation at Boutique Hotel 3 * / 4 * - 60- 130 / day

Other charges

Entry fee - 60 GBP for all courses

Examination fees: 
PET / KET - 130 GBP

Courier fee - 90 GBP

Transfer from the airport

Airport/ station  coach (two way) Airport/ station taxi (one way only)
Heathrow 75 GBP Heathrow 150 GBP
Gatwick / Stanstead 85 GBP Birmingham / Bristol 180 GBP
London Victoria 75 GBP Gatwick / London 175 GBP
Birmingham 60 GBP Stanstead 110 GBP
Luton 85 GBP Luton 160 GBP

In the case the student resigns 21 days before the course starts, he/she looses the charges for accommodation (25 GBP) and registration fee (50GBP). 21 - 15 days - the student looses 33% of the total price of the course; 14 - 8 days - the student looses 66% of the total price of the course; 7 - 3 days -the student looses 75% of the total price of the course; 2 days before the start of the course and during the course - no costs will be returned to the participant.

If less than 3 students take part in the Course 30, lessons may be reduced (2 students - 3 classes a day, 1 student - 2 classes a day). If less than 3 students take part in Course 20, lessons may be reduced (2 students - 2 lessons a day, 1 student - 1 lesson). The school decides on the eventual reduction of the lessons.

On national holidays the classes are not held. Your money will not be returned for classes that did not take place in this time. 

If the participant enrolls on the course that lasts 12 weeks, and then wants to stay next 12 weeks, every time he/she pays the charge for 12-23 weeks. However, if the student enrolls on the course lasting 24 weeks in the beginning, he/she will pay less. From financial point of view it is better to enroll on longer course than to enroll on the shorter one and then pay for additional weeks.

Participants who enrolled on the course lasting 16 weeks or more may take a break to visit the family under condition that they notify about it in written form not later than 4 weeks before the planned departure. The participant pays 50GBP per week to the family and the classes and accommodation are delayed and start when the student comes back. The school usually lets student have one-week break every 12 weeks of the course they take part in. 

If the participant enrolls on the course at inlingua (directly or by the Representative), it means that he/she knows about all requirements and conditions and agrees to comply with them.

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