Obtain an IB Diploma –  an international
A-levels certificate. Prepare for studying in England and the whole world for free.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme in Hastings (England)

You do not need to have graduated  from secondary school to get an IB Diploma entitling you to study at a university also in Poland.


Hastings College

Hastings College of Arts and Technology is a medium-sized college . The College offers a wide variety of vocational and academic programmes at all levels, including postgraduate  courses as well as IB  course (Internanational Baccalaureate). 


Hastings jest located on the south coast. Its advantages are a moderate climate and pollution-free air. This rapidly developing town, a famous historical sight, is only 2 hours away from London by train. It has also convenient connection to France thanks to the tunnel under the English Channel (an hour by train from Ashford to Paris).



Hastings College is an excellently equipped educational institution. All learners have access to the computer centre, self-study corner, a full library, video and audio recordings, the internet.


The IB Programme

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is a two-year course, which ends in obtaining a diploma. Hastings College of Arts and Technology offers this course to those who like challenges and want to learn more than mere facts. This is a demanding course intended for teenagers aged between 16 and 18, who wish to continue their education at one of over 100 universities in England and in the whole world. IB is a certificate that shows that a student has mastered the necessary knowledge and skills to study at a university. According to the resolution of Minister of Education from 15th October 1997, IB diploma is an equivalent of matriculation.  Below  you may find a list of universities matriculating on the basis of IB diploma. In Poland these are the following: Cracow University of Technology, Radom University of Technology, Academia Medica Gedanensis  (in Gdansk), Poznań University of Technology, Łódź University of Technology, Wrocław University of Technology, Kozminski University (Warsaw).


 - Students learn how to ask difficult questions
 - students learn how to learn
 - students develop academic skills
 - students develop their identity and a feeling of cultural belonging
 - students develop communication skills and understanding people from other countries and cultural backgrounds

Six subject groups

 Subject groups:
1) A foreign language
2) Second foreign language
3) Social sciences (e.g. business and administration, economics, geography, history, philosophy, social and cultural anthropology)
4) Sciences (e.g. biology, chemistry, physics, design technology)
5) Mathematics (at a standard or higher level, mathematical methods, mathematical sciences or information technology)
6) Arts (visual arts, theatre, music)

The student chooses one subject from each subject group. Students learn 3 subjects at a Higher Level, which is accomplished within 240 hours within 2 years and 3 subjects at a Standard Level, which is accomplished within 150 hours within 2 years of tuition. Instead of choosing a subject from the sixth group, the student may choose one more subject from groups 1-5.


Subjects now on offer in Hastings College:
 - English
 - French
 - Spanish
 - German
 - Chemistry
 - Mathematics
 - History
 - Biology
 - Business and administration
 - Psychology
 - Physics


Other elements of the IB programme

Apart from the six basic subjects, there are three more elements to the programme:
 - Theory of Knowledge (TOK) which encourages students to question the basis of their knowledge, develops creativity and critical thinking.
 - Essay writing – writing an essay of about 4000 words on a subject connected to the student's interest. The student has a chance to deepen their knowledge by choosing a topic related to a subject which they are learning at a Higher Level. It is also possible to widen the knowledge by choosing a subject not connected with the subject they are learning.

 - Creativity, action, social work (CAS) - students engage in creative activity, sports activities and social work


Beginning: September 2012

Enrolment: till the end of August 2012



Enrolment fee: 100 GBP - includes administrative fees
Administration fee (the course price): 2100 GBP (for students aged from 16 to 18 years), 6250 GBP for students aged 19 years old (citizens of the European Union) and for students aged 16 years old who are not citizens of the European Union.

Documents: Students from countries of the European Union must have:

-  a  junior school graduation certificate (at least 5 subjects passed with grade 5 or higher)

 - a document (e.g. a school graduation certificate) confirming their proficiency in English at level 6.0 or higher on the IELTS scale (equivalent to passing the FCE certificate with grade B)

-a document confirming age and nationality is also needed

 -international students fill out an enrolment form which serves as a basis for assessing their English proficiency

Age: The student cannot be older than 18 on 31st of August when they begin learning in Hastings College.

After the preliminary selection of enrolment requests, telephone conversations will be carried out to assess the candidate's language skills.



IB is a linear, 5-semester long tuition programme. The basis of a student's assessment are: examinations, contribution to class, practical tasks, research projects, oral quizzes. The students are expected to do their homework and to revise the material presented in class. Each student is assigned a tutor. The student meets the tutor regularly to discuss progress in learning, problems, plans of further development.


The coordinator of social affairs arranges accommodation and transfer from the airport, helps with obtaining a visa,  and in case of health and personal problems. The College recommends accommodation with a family, which enables the students to adapt quickly and to practise their English outside of school.

Single room at host family (half board):
30th of August 2010 - 26th of June 2011 - 112 GBP/week
27th of June 2012 - 28th of August 2012 - 108 GBP/week

Double room at host family (half board):
26th of August 2010 - 26th of June 2011 - 90  GBP
27th of June 2011 - 25th of August 2012 - 85  GBP

The price during a holiday -133 GBP per mounth for a single room, 111 GBP for a room in a host family.

If a student wants to live in his room during  holiday he should pay  62 GBP.The school advises that the student stays at least a month with a family to adapt to the new situation. In the long run the student may either choose to stay with the family or rent a flat in Hastings. Notes advertising rooms and flats to rent can be found in the school. Their prices vary between 60 to 100 GBP per week (no boarding). You may eat lunches at school for 3,6 GBP per day.
Airport transfer
There is a possiblity of  buying the airport transfer from Gatwick (110 GBP) or from Heathrow (130 GBP)


Extracurricular events

Extracurricular events - sightseeing and research tours, cultural and sports events, etc. - constitute an important part of the IB programme.

Course participant's opinion

 *Having 17 years old I decided to change something in my life and try to get a place in IB programme in the UK. Everything went according to plan and I have just started my second year of study. IB is a programme a lot more demanding for a  student. It is an adventure of a lifetime, which makes you  independent, tenacious, conscientious and most of all makes you overcome your failures and your own weaknesses. Multicultural melting -pot gives you a feeling of  interdependence and prepares you to live in a homogenic world of tomorrow the same way it does enable you to  single out your otherness and individuality.
IB is widely recognized at the universities worldwide, although the very title does not guarantee a place at the best colleges. If you meet at the requirements, you are able to overcome the feeling of being stressed out and like to chase the rabbit IB is an ideal programme for you!

If you are interested in IB programme where you can receive a diploma which is an equivalent of international baccalaureate it is possible to contact people already participating in the programme.

mail to us - we will send you the enrolment form 
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