WESTERN TOWN COLLEGE 2017                                                    

> Classes are held in small groups 8-12 people
> Classes are held in international groups
> All teachers have high qualifications and experience
> Modern didactic materials
> All students have free access to the Internet and modern Multimedia Centre

CANADA - general information
Canada is a beautiful country taking up one-third of North America. It has almost 40 mln citizens.
Canada is a multicultural country with very interesting tradition. Students from abroad have the opportunity not only to learn English but also experience unforgettable adventure. Canada consists of 10 provinces and 3 constituencies. The biggest cities are: Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal.
Western Town Colleges are situated in Vancouver and Toronto.

It is a beautiful harbor city surrounded by the mountains, forests and beautiful sandy beaches. WTC in Vancouver is situated in the city centre. From the windows of the school an impressive view on the mountains and the ocean spreads. Vancouver is a place where many cultures from different sides of the world meet, which makes the city interesting in every possible aspect. Although the city is live both in the day and in the night, it is very safe there.

Toronto is a modern and, like Vancouver, multicultural city. Two-thirds of almost 4-million people living in this beautiful city are newcomers - people from Italy, Spain, China, Poland and Greece etc. This international atmosphere makes the life in Toronto very interesting and constructive experience. All year long many festivals (i.e. West Indian Caribana and Greek Independence Day), as well as many concerts and theatre plays and happenings take place.

- Acreditation: Post-Secondary Education Commission of British Columbia (PPSEC)
- Memberships : Canadian Association of Private Language Schools (CAPLS), American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA), Import - Export Institute

Western Town College cooperates with University of Western Ontario
(students who complete the 14th level at Western Town College may be candidates for this University)

All teachers have academic preparation and experience. Both the teachers and administration employees do their best to make your stay at WTC pleasant, educating and unforgettable experience.

Programs offered by WTC Institute:

ESL - English as a Second Language
This program consists of 8 levels of English knowledge. On every level the students discover and improve their language skills in grammar, pronunciation, listening and understanding, reading and vocabulary. Classes start every month allyear long. Classification test takes place on the first day of the course. What is more, program of this course is adapted to requirements of constantly changing world of business, where fluent and proper English plays more and more important role. 

TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language
Intensive course lasting 3 months and preparing for the examination. Completion of this course means that the student is advanced learner of English. Certificate of completion of this course is the basis for foreign students to be admitted to American or Canadian universities.

TOEIC - Test of English for International Communications
International course of communication in English. Intensive program lasting 3 months and preparing students for skilful communication in English-speaking world of business and every-day life. 
College is authorised to carry out the examination in the school. 

Public School Bridge Program (11-18 years)
This program was created for students who would like to learn at Canadian public schools. The course is not only to prepare young people for studying at Canadian school, but also to familiarize with subjects that were not covered in homeland and will have for sure in Canadian school.

Business English
Intensive program lasting 3 months. The aim of this course is to improve such skills as speaking, pronunciation, listening, reading and learning as well as practical usage of phrases and vocabulary in English - speaking world of business. This course prepares for work in an international company on various posts. 

TESOL - (Teaching English to Speakers of the Other Language)                                              3-month course preparing for teaching English for teachers, whose mother tongue is not English. On this course the students get to know modern methodic techniques that make teaching English effective. They will also have the opportunity to exchange their experiences.


Prices of the courses 2017 (Toronto and Vancouver)

Classes in all programs are divided in morning (AM) and afternoon classes (PM). Students may attend only morning classes, only afternoon classes or combine AM and PM.
Morning classes are to improve grammar and basic language skills (writing, reading, speaking, listening) and learning new vocabulary. Students choose the subject of afternoon classes. They can choose  conversation classes, improve phonetics, work on grammar and vocabulary. Advanced students can choose UPP - University Preparation Programme, classes preparing for studies at English-speaking university.

> Prices given in the table for one calendar month of the course
> All prices in Canadian dollars
> Entry fee 100 $
.> Fees must be paid in full prior to commencement of your program

AM + PM 
(27 lessons/ week)
(15 lessons/ week)
(12 lessons/ week)
1 1 220 690 600
2 2 440 1 380 1 200
3 3 420 1 950 1 710
4 4 560 2 600  2 280
5 5 700 3 250 2 850
6 6 540 3 720 3 120
7 7 630 4 340 3 640
8 8 720 4 960 4 160
9 9 360 5 310 4 500
10 10 400 5 900 5 000
11 11 440 6 490 5 500


12 480 7 080 6 000

* Month = 4 weeks

Class hours:

Full time (27 hrs/wk) Monday- Friday 9:00 - 10:20
9:00 - 12:00
AM (15hrs/wk) lunch 12:00-13:00
PM (12 hrs/wk) Monday-Thursday 13:00-14:20
PM (12 hrs/wk) Monday-Thursday 14:40 - 16:00
PM (12 hrs/wk) activities or free lessons 16:10 -17:00

AM - classes from Monday to Friday between 9.00 and 12.00
PM -
classes from Monday to Friday between 13.00 and 16.00
AM + PM -
classes from Monday to Thursday between 9.00 and 16, and on Friday from 9.00 to 12.00

Material Fee:

Full-time or Part-time AM + PM $1260  / Month
Part-time $730 or $640 / Month
International Business $4020 / 6 Months | $1830/ 3 Months
Global Marketing & Trade $2100 / 3 months AM  $1830/ 3 months PM
Hospitality (Hotel) Management $5 360 / 8 months AM; $4640 PM | $2800 AM / 4 months   $2400 /4months PM


Duration of the course in months
ESL V / T V / T V / T from 1 to 12
Power talk - V V / T from 1 to 3
News & media - - V / T from 1 to 3
TOEIC - - V / T from 1 to 4
TOEFL V V / T from 1 to 4
GTP   V T from 1 to 3
TYC (including Practicum) V / T     1
TESOL V / T - - 2
TESOL (including Practicum) V / T - - 3
UPP - - V / T from 1 to 3
ITI V - - from 1 to 2
Business Communication V / T V / T V / T from 1 to 3
Intenational Business T - - from 3 to 6
Global Marketing & Trade V - - 3
Hospitality (Hotel) Management V - - from 4 to 8
Public School Bridge Program (PSBP) V - - from 1 to 12

- V = Vancouver
- T = Toronto

Dates of the start 2017

16 January, 13 February, 12 March, 12 April, 9 April, 7 May, 4 June, 3 July and  30 July, 27 August, 3 September, 22 October, 19 November, 17 December.

Holidays 2017

2 January, 20 February, 6 April, 21 May, 2 July, 6 August, 3 September , 8 October , 12 November, 24-28 December.

ACCOMMODATION (Toronto and Vancouver) 2017

Accommodation with a Canadian family is a very important element of learning the language and familiarizing with Canadian culture, so the families hosting foreign students are carefully chosen by the employees of WTC and do their best to make your stay at their home an educating and unforgettable experience.
Every student living with a Canadian family has a nicely furnished room with bathroom. To choose the best type of accommodation the student should carefully fill in the application form. In this form you should name your preferences (interests, diets etc.) and they will be taken into consideration in choosing the best type of accommodation and a family for you. 

Accommodation with a Canadian family:
· Students will be collected by the employee of WTC and taken to the place of accommodation, unless it was agreed otherwise.
· Every student arriving to WTC school will live in a single room with a bed, a desk, a lamp and a cupboard.
· The family will prepare 3 healthy and nutritious Canadian meals and a second breakfast to be taken to school;
-breakfast - on the week days - Canadians eat tosts with jam, porridge or cornflakes, eggs and bacon, drink coffee and juice. Student may prepare the breakfast from the food in the fridge.
- Lunch - a sandwich, cold drink and fruit, sometimes a hot dish to reheat in the school's microwave
- dinner - (17.30 - 19.00). It is the most important meal in Canada. If the student is not able to take part in it - he/she should inform about it the host family before 4 pm.
· Duty of the student is to maintain order in his/her room.
· Every student living with a Canadian family will receive his/ her own key. You should be careful not to loose it as if you do so, you will have to pay for changing whole alarm system in the house, and it is very expensive.

Prices of accommodation 2017:

$800 Placement Fee + $750 Monthly Fee (Extra: $28/day)
- Homestay fee includes a private room and 3 meals a day.
- 1 month = Full caledar month
* Please contact us for the following rates:
- Staying less than 4 weeks
- Ages of 18 and under

Free time:

On every Friday in the afternoon the school offers an interesting programof spenging free time. Studying at WTC the students will have the opportunity to take part in cultural events both in Vancouver and Toronto.
In the weekend offer of spending free time you can find such attractions as: trips to Columbia, Toronto and Ontario.
All students interested in sport can support professional sportsmen during various competitions and football, basketball and hockey matches. 
WTC employees organize visits on matches of such famous teams as CFL, NHL and NBA. The school organizes also sports and recreational activities for the students.
WTC schools in Vancouver and Toronto offer both short- and long-term courses starting once a month.
At the end of every course the students receive certificate of completion. Programs of the courses are prepared by educationalists with many years of experience, so that the foreign students taking part in the course use the time at WTC schools as good as possible.

After classes every student may use the multimedia centre, the library, as well as the computer laboratory, where with the most modern English learning programs you can not only improve your skills but also get to know the world.

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