Career Plus Programme 2008
Prestigious programme created to reveal the potential of every student and give them qualifications to get a better job after their return to home. This course combines intensive English learning, individual classes and internship in one of the British or international companies as well as 3 international examinations.

Price includesy

  • 6 months of intensive English course; 28 classes per week (21 hours) (including Business English and IELTS).

  • 6 months of paid work

  • 4 months of paid internship in a British company

  • registration fees for 3 international examinations

  • 14 individual classes preparing for the internship

  • welcome packet after the arrival

  • qualification test after the arrival

  • regular assessment tests 

  • certificate of the completion of the course (at request) 

  • learning materials, a handbook for self-study

  • access to the reading room 

  • free access to the Internet

  • optional programme of additional activities

Structure of the course

Section 1a): 6 months of Intensive English Course Intensive English Course covering 28 classes per week (21 hours). The programme includes general English course and many specialist options, such as: business English and preparation for IELTS. We require that the students take part in business English course (min. 6 weeks).
Section1b): 6 months of the paid work
Section 1a and section 1b = together
During Intensive English Course the students work. It is usually a weekend  or afternoon job, max. 10-20 hours per week. Most students work in local hotels, restaurants, supermarkets etc. They get paid for their work.
Section 2): individual classes and international examinations/ certificates In the end of 6-month course every student takes part in 14 individual classes preparing for the internship.

In the end of the English course the students take 2 examinations known all over the world, e.g.: First Cerificate, IELTS, BEC. We require all students to take CIE Cambridge Certificate in Work Placement.
Section 3): 4 months of internship After the completion of Intensive English Course and paid work the students start 4 months of the internship. 
Important Information
Lessons per week 28 classes per week (21 hours) on the Intensive English Course and 14 individual classes, preparing for internship
Available for Available all year long. Start every week. More information on the dates in the price list.
Duration 10-month programme
Level The students have to know English on at least intermediate level (e.g. IELTS 4,5 or First Certificate). Students on lower level should complete earlier longer Intensive English Course. They will take qualification test and qualification interview before their admission.
Minimal age of the participants 20 (approximately: 20-25 years)
Students in the group 14 students
Homeworks about 1 hour a day (4-6 hours per week).
Trips Every week the school organizes  weekend trips to known cities and touristic attractions. Price of the trip is £20 - £30. More information in Free Time.
Attractions The school organizes after-classes activities, among others: volleyball, basketball, football, student parties, DVD shows. Some activities are free, for some you will have to additionally pay. More information in  Free Time.
Dates 2008 Duration Prices
Start of the course in the beginning of every week from 7 January to 8 December 2008
minimum 10 months £ 4075

Registration fee: £50
Type of accommodation Out of season in the season Out of season
with a family/ single room £82 - 5 January - 28 June £120 - 28 June - 9 August £82 9 August - 20 December
with a family/ double room Available for groups only £78 - 7 -28 June
£90 - 28 June - 9 August
£78 - 9 - 30 August
Available for groups only
with a family/ higher standard (single room, own bathroom) £154 £175 - 30 - 11 August £154
Accommodation in a residence without meals (available only in July and August. Please check the availability earlier. Minimal age - 18). about £90-140 / week single room (own bathroom)
about £75 / week double room (own bathroom and kitchen annex)
Important notes on accommodation

Homestay accommodation includes breakfast and dinner every day and also a light lunch at weekends. 
Laundry is not included but is available for a supplement of £5 per week. 
The host family provides bedding but please bring your own towels. 
Accommodation is available from the Saturday or Sunday before the course begins. 
Residential accommodation: student residence in the town centre. Facilities include private bathrooms for all bedrooms, kitchen corners in twin bedrooms, communal kitchens, laundry, 24-hour security. The price includes clean bedding on arrival. There after the students are responsible for washing their own bedding and for cleaning their room. Please bring your own towels. 
High season late booking supplement: in July / August, we reserve the right to apply a late-booking accommodation supplement of £20 per week to students who book less than 10 days before arrival. 
Re-booking fee: an accommodation re-booking fee of £20 may be charged if a student unreasonably requests too many changes of accommodation. 

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