Translations Uzbek to Polish & Polish to Uzbek in Warsaw

College of Foreign Languages LEXIS is also a translation agency. We offer normal and sworn translation of documents to and from Uzbek.

Translations Uzbek to Polish in WarsawTime limits.
Translations can be collected after two working days.
Translations which can be collected after one working day are treated as an express translation and cost 50% more.

Translations which are made during one working day (they can be collected the same day) are treated as a super express translation and cost 100% more.

Normal translation from Polish to Uzbek - 140 PLN + VAT per page
Normal translation from Uzbek to Polish- 130 PLN + VAT per page

By "page" in normal translation we mean 1600 characters (all printed characters and spaces) of translated text. First started page is treated as a whole page. An invoice for more text is settled on the basis of actual amount of text. (eg. 2,4 of page).

In case of specialized translation which containing a big amount of professional terms and specialized vocabulary (eg. technical, engineering ) there is 20% surcharge.

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