German placement tests - multimedia-based and interactive

If you reach in the report a result of 75 % or more after you have solved the test - go to a higher level. 
If the test result lies between 50 and 75 % then this test corresponds to your level of language knowledge. If you get a test result of less than 50 % this means that you didn't pass this level and should solve the test in a lower level. The questions given in the test can have several answer options. 

Please write your data in the empty boxes after you have opened the application. When you have finished the test please print the report. In this report you can find your data, the test result and the time you needed for solving the test.

If you can't open the tests you probably haven't installed the programm Flash Player. You can download a free version of the programm when you click the button with the arrow. back to the test selection (with or without sound)




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