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English courses in Malta adults


English courses in Malta accommodationIELS school lies in the heart of Medditerranean Sea, between Italy and Africa. There are two official languages in Malta one of which is English. It results from the era of English colonialism. In 1964 Malta became an independent country. Culture of Malta results from combining its nationality with its rich history.

Choice of accommodation in Malta
IELS offers a wide choice in all locations in Malta. Most students choose accommodation with families carefully chosen.. This type of accommodation plays an important role in the student's language development. Accommodation with a family creates opportunities to use what one has learned during classes in real life. It is also a chance for the student as well as for the family, to make new friends and to learn something about another culture and a different lifestyle. All students receive information about the families they are going to live with before departure.
Regardless of whether the student chooses accommodation with a family, in the school's residence or a hotel, the director responsible for accommodation issues will be ready to answer any questions the students might have.

Excellent staff and facilities
Each school offers excellent facilities and experienced and qualified staff. All this, combined with the most recent teaching materials and teaching methods guarantees that the students will benefit from their language course to the maximum.

English courses in Malta

Carefully designed teaching programmes

IELS provides a wide variety of high quality language courses on all levels of proficiency for students from different national and cultural backgrounds. Each individual student's request is attended to with care by the staff, which, combined with the maximum size of groups of 5 to 12 students, guarantees accomplishing optimal progress in the course duration.

Individual attention

Apart from regular contact with the directors in charge of teaching and accommodation, the students are always encouraged to discuss any aspect regarding the school's teaching programme with the staff. The reason is that for the students' success in mastering the language and their satisfaction with their stay is of uttermost importance

Interesting free time possibilities
Our motto is creating such possibilities for spending free time that they are as interesting for the students as their language classes. IELS school offers a variety of exciting sports, cultural and social events and courses, which constitute an inherent part of the teaching programme. During pauses between different classes the students may rest and make new friendships with other students from different countries. In each school, the reception desk offers all information on the courses and free time possibilities.

Care and additional services
The students are attended to from the moment of their arrival until the day of departure. This means, among other things, that the transport from and to the airport is organized by the school. In many cases these fees are included in the cost of the course. It is also possible for all students to buy a full medical insurance package, covering doctor's fees, dentistry services in emergency cases and medical expenses in case of an accident.

Varied age and nationality structure
Schools in Malta host students of different nationalities and from different age groups. Malta specializes in organizing courses that are tailored to the student's level of knowledge. In the last two years, 26% of adult students were adolescents between 18 and 24 years old, 25% were persons of 25 to 30, 22% of the students were between 30 and 40 years old, 15% - between 40 and 50, and 12% were persons older than 50. This shows that programmes are as popular with the older generation as with the adolescents.

Special offers by longer stays
All schools offer special cost discounts by longer stays. Already by an eight-week course you pay only for 7 weeks. The longer the course you enrol on, the greater the discount. All discounts have already been calculated in the course prices provided.

Institute of English Language Studies in Malta L&L

Malta is one of the most popular and attractive summer resorts in the Mediterranean area. The island is surrounded by crystal clear waters in which, thanks to the island's location, you can swim all year round. Malta also offers a wide choice of land and water sports. The uniqueness of its character is a result of a historical mixture of cultures and influences. Maltese's friendliness and openness will guarantee that the students get full satisfaction from their English course. English is the second official language in Malta and the school guarantees spending wonderful "language holidays".

The Institute of English Language Studies - IELS was founded in 1985 and offers courses both for adults and for adolescents. The main building, which houses the school's administration, is located in the centre of Sliema; the classrooms are exquisitely furnished and the building also houses a café and a bookshop. There is also a self-study centre available for students and access to electronic post. The reception staff offers their help in case of any questions and provide information on activities, sports and trips. In the other building, courses for adolescents take place. This building is located by the harbour in Sliema, 10 minutes away from the main building. The Institute of English Language Studies is open all year round with the exception of one week around Christmas time and also on 1st of January,19th of March, 30th of March,1st of May, 7th of June, 29th of June, 15th of August, 21st of September, 13th of December, 1st January 2019. Attention : No refunds will be made for lessons missed on these days.

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Types of adult English courses in Malta - MALTA Sliema


English courses in Malta for adultsThe following of the English courses described in the introduction are available in Sliema:

General English course in Malta - the courses start every Monday (for Beginners only on the first Monday of each month), the course comprises of 20 hours (45 min) of English classes per week. Minimal course duration: 1 week. Course levels from Beginner to Proficiency. The maximum number of students per group: 12

=> Intensive English course in Malta
- this course is intended for students who already have some experience with English learning. Learning takes place according to the same schedule as in the genera English course, but the additional afternoon classes allow the students to deepen their knowledge in a relatively short period of time through discussion and widening of vocabulary range. Courses start every Monday. Levels from elementary to advanced. Maximum groups size: 12 students. Altogether 30 classes a week.

=>Premium English -this course starts all year and conists of 15 hours per week. Maximimum class size: 6

=> General English course + 1 to 1 * - this course is a supplement to the general course, which takes place in the mornings. In the afternoons, individual classes take place (10 hours a week). The programme of these classes is tailored to individual student's needs. Courses start every Monday. Levels from beginner to advanced. Altogether 30 classes a week.

General English course in mini groups* (of maximum 6 students). This is an intensive course similar to the one described above. The difference lies in the fact that the group size is not larger than 6 people, which allows for more contact between the students and the teacher and makes quicker progress possible. Altogether 20 classes a week.

=>Intensive English course in mini groups* (of maximum 6 students). This is an intensive course similar to the one described above. The difference lies in the fact that the group size is not larger than 6 people, which allows for more contact between the students and the teacher and makes quicker progress possible. Altogether 30 classes a week.

=>General English course in mini groups + 1 to 1* (of maximum 6 students). A supplement to the general English course, whose aim is to boost the course's efficiency. 20 classes a week in a group of maximum 6 students. The individual classes (10 hours a week) take place in the afternoon. The programme of these classes is tailored to individual needs. Altogether 30 classes a week.

=> Business English - only in Sliema.
The subject matter of this course will certainly appeal to professionals from such departments as: management, finance, banking and administration. Number of classes per week:30, 20 lessons per week (of maximum 10 students)+ 10 Business English lessons . Maximum number of students per group: 6. Beginning of the courses: every Monday. Levels: intermediate to advanced.

=> Business English Plus - A supplement to the general Business English course described above. The difference lies in the fact that hours per week is reduced to 7.5 per week. Maximum number of students per group: 6

=> English for 40+ in Malta
 This programme is designed for students over 40 years of age, wishing to improve their English language skills with peers of  a similar age. The course consists of 20-lesson per week. Maximum number of students per group: 6.

=> English and Diving*
General English programme consisting of 20 lessons in the morning is combined with diving lessons. The course lasts all year long.

=> One to one (individual) English course in Malta- this can be taken as a supplement to a general course or a course on its own. You can choose the number of hours per week (10, 20, 30 or 40 lessons per week). See course prices.

=> Cambridge and IELTS Plus examinations preparation courses in Malta - The Centre in Sliema offers 6 week FCE (First Certificate in English), CAE (Certificate of Advanced English ) and CPE ( Certificate of Proficiency in English) preparation courses. You should book 9 or 13 weeks accommodation respectively as the exams take place after the end of the course. Duration of courses preparing for IELTS : 1-7 or 8-20 weeks. There are 22.5 hours of classes per week in groups of up to 10 (Cambridge) or 12 (IELTS) people. The examination fee is not included in the price of the course.

=>TOEIC Plus in MaltaThe course prepares students to successfully pass the TOEIC test. Our classes are kept small in order to ensure a high degree of student-teacher interaction. TOEIC course Program consists of 7.5 hours per week. Maximum number of students per group: 12

=>  IELTS Plus in MaltaThe course prepares students to successfully pass the IELTS test. This course Program consists of 7.5 hours per week. Maximum number of students per group: 12

=> English for Academic Purposes *- in MaltaThe course consists of 20h of General English plus additional extra-curricular lessons. Maximum number of students per group: 6.

=> Conversation English in MaltaThis program is designed for students who want to brush up their conversation skills. The course comprises of 7.5 hours of English classes per week. Maximum number of students per group: 12

=> Pronunciation English in MaltaThis course is for students wishing to improve their skills connected with pronunciation. The course comprises of 3 hours classes per week and maximum number of students per group : 12

=> English language course (20 weeks)* in Malta
General English courses (20 hours) and intensive courses (30 hours) lasting 20 weeks in all advanced groups. Maximum number of students per group: no more than 6.

=>English language course for teachers* in Malta
Professional courses (from 1 week to 20 weeks depending on the course) preparing to teaching English language according to Cambridge highest international standards.

*course suspended in 2018


Courses in 2018 start every Monday (courses for beginners first Monday of every month). The arrival day is Sunday, the departure - Saturday.
Minimum course duration: 1 weeks (out of season).
In the summer season :
Supplement of EUR 60 per person per week applies 18 Jun-07 Sep for 1-7 week courses (exception are individual courses and longterm courses (20 weeks).)

The prices listed include: tuition fees, administration and registration fees (for all formalities), teaching materials (books, etc), orientation, welcome dinner, gym access, certificate.

Accommodation and airport transfer are charged extra.

The prices of English courses in Malta are given in EURO

English Courses in Malta classes/ week

Max. group size


Course price in € per week

1-7 weeks 8-20 weeks


Course Dates

General English course 15 12 all 190


165 All Year
Intensive English course 22,5 12 all 280 240 210 All Year
Business English course 15 6 B1 325 - - All Year
Premium English 15 6 all 260 240 230 All Year
English course 40+ (with activity package) 15 6 all 375 - - (02 Apr-13 Apr, 07-18 May,04-15 Jun, 03-14 Sep, 01-12. Oct
Business English Plus 7,5 6 B1 160 - - All Year
Premium English Plus 7,5 6 all 120 100 80 All Year
IELTS Plus 7,5 12 B1 90 90 - All Year
TOEIC Plus 7,5 12 B1 90 90 - All Year
English for Academic Purposes 7,5 12 B1 90 90 90 All year
Conversation English 7,5 12 All 100 - - All Year
Pronunciation English 3 12 A1 60 - - All Year

Cambridge Examination Preparation in Malta

Cambridge Examination Fees are not included. Bookings for ALL Cambridge exams must be placed at least 10 weeks before the date of the exam.

Per Course Length Price Start dates Provisional Exam dates Hours per week Level Max class size
Cambridge FCE 6 weeks 1680 05 Feb, 14 May, 16 Jul,29 Oct 16 Mar, 23 Jun, 23 Aug, 04 Dec 22,5 B2 10
Cambridge CAE 6 weeks 1680 05 Feb, 14 May, 16 Jul, 29 Oct 17 Mar, 23 Jun, 24 Aug, 05 Dec 22,5 C1 10
Cambridge CPE 6 weeks 1680 29 Jan, 07 May, 29 Oct 10 Mar, 14 June, 06 Dec 22,5 C2 10

Private Tuition - English in Malta

Per 45-minute lesson per person 1-19 lessons 20+ lessons Level Class size
General Private Tuition 40 35 All 1
English for Two 28 25 All 2

Per package

Hours per week Level Max class size
ESP Private Tuition 175 3,5 All 1
300 7 All 1

If you wish to take a British Council of IELTS examination, you need to book an additional week of accommodation. English courses in Malta

Free time organization in Malta and Gozo.
These islands offer a lot of possibilities for bathing and sunning and, for those who prefer active recreation, swimming, diving and sailing. The school's staff from the free time department will provide the students with the information on all organized leisure activities. It is also possible to take a tennis, windsurfing or snorkelling course. For those interested in culture, Malta offers its rich history. The Malta and Gozo islands are full of historical architecture: monuments, temples and churches, which allows the tourists to learn the history of the islands. The school also organizes a lot of trips: to Malta's old c
apital, Mdina, and to the present: Valetta, to the Blue Grotto and to Gozo. In the spring and the summer various events take place.
Sliema and St. Julian's are also night life centres, with an enormous number of restaurants, cafés, pubs and discos, and additionally a bowling club and a cinema complex. Late in the evenings you can join crowd of Maltese people walking on the charming promenade in Sliema. Moreover, everybody who likes doing water sports, i.e. swimming, diving or windsurfing, will certainly find something for themselves.

Accommodation in Malta
With a familyLearn English in Malta

A lot of people prefer living in a private house with a family. Maltese are famous for their hospitality and friendly nature, which creates great opportunities for learning the language and gaining knowledge on the Maltese and their culture. Most families live in Sliema or the neighbouring districts of St. Julian's, San Gwann, Gzira, Ta'Xbiex and Msida, maximally 30 minutes on foot or by bus away from school. The family provides bedclothes, however the students are asked to bring their own towels. The students receive their own set of keys which makes them independent of the family.

Hotels and apartments

In Malta and Gozo there are a number of hotels and apartments. Below one of these has been shown as an example (it is situated in Malta). Information on the rest is available at "LEXIS" - College of Foreign Languages.



Per person per week Room Bathroom Bed&Breakfast 1-7 weeks 8+weeks Special Diets 29 Apr-30 Sep Wireless Internet
Homestay (up to 30 minutes to school by public transport Shared Shared 196 189 50 56 20
Single Shared 252 238 50 105 20
 Executive Homestay (up to 30 minutes to school by public transport) Single Private 287 273 50 105 20
Single Private 343 329 50 105 Included

Residence Accommodation  in Malta( Minimum age 18. Bookings start on Saturdays to Sundays only.

Per person per week Room Bathroom 1-7 weeks 8+ weeks Supplements
Breakfast Half Board 1-7 weeks (29 Apr-30 Sep) 8 weeks(29 Apr-30 Sep)
Day's Inn Hotel Room ***(5 mins on foot) Twin En-suite 168 154 35 133 98 63
Single En-suite 287 273 35 133 133 84
Day's Inn Studio***(5 mins on foot) Twin En-suite 196 189 35 133 98 63
Single En-suite 294 287 35 133 133 84
Howard Hotel Room ***(15 mins on foot Twin En-suite 154 140 35 133 98 63
Single En-suite 266 231 35 133 133 84

Hotel, Guest House and Apartment Accommodation in Malta( Minimum age 18)

Per person per week Room type Bathroom Bed&Breakfast


01 Jan-05 Jan, 1 Apr-30 Jun, 01 Oct-31 Oct 01 Jul-30 Sep
Bay View Hotel*** Twin/Double En-suite 210 112 189
Single En-suite 308 161 420
Rocca Nettuno Suites**** Twin/Double En-suite 420 70 168
Single En-suite 707 70 273
Waterfront Hotel**** Twin/Double En-suite 385 126 126
Single En-suite 553 126 126
Kennedy Nova Hotel **** Twin/Double En-suite 245 126 231
Single En-suite 385 224 406
The Palace Hotel***** Twin/Double En-suite 546 371 371
Single En-suite 854 371 371

You can get full information on accommodation options in Malta by contacting LEXIS College of Foreign Languages.

Programme Duration Dates Price
trial ride 2 hours freely -
Diving 4 to 5 days freely -
Advanced diving 3 days freely -

Transfer from the airport - Malta
One-way - 25 €, return - 45 €.

How do you become a student of IELS MALTA?
All formalities connected with your stay, booking, transport, etc. can be arranged in person or via e-mail through "LEXIS", College of Foreign Languages or through our agent. After choosing the course type, accommodation and other services you fill out an application form and transfer the due sum of money to the "LEXIS" bank account. You send us an application form by mail or fax so that we receive i a least two weeks before the beginning of the course (applicants from cities other than Warsaw contact an agent).

Before departure you will receive:
ˇ a confirmation of your enrolment on the course together with an appropriate letter for the British customs officers - so that you will not have any problems on crossing the border,
ˇ a plane ticket - if you are travelling from Warsaw (applicants from other cities in Poland please contact an Agent),
ˇ a confirmation of the accommodation booking together with address, telephone and a short characteristics of the host family,
ˇ an invoice for the services ordered.

English courses in Malta for children and adolescents

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