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Learn Italian in Italy 2018

LINGUADUE since 1990 has been offering international students the opportunity to learn Italian in Milan, in a friendly and thoroughly enjoyable atmosphere.
The school is in an excellent location in the centre of Milan in a well-known street in the commercial area, Corso Buenos Aires.
The Italian language courses organized by Linguadue are attended by international students from more than 50 different countries, mostly interested in design, fashion, music and business.
Linguadue offers the possibility to study Italian language for their profession, their further studies, for everyday situations.

Key features:

  • The school is located in a beautiful art nouveau building
  • Easily accessible as it is close to the Underground station Lima
  • 18 comfortable, well-equipped and classrooms where you will learn Italian language, provided with audio and video equipment
  • Small garden
  • Students' lounge
  • Free internet access
  • Student age +18
  • Japanese and Korean Tutor available for special care and tutoring for students
  • Ideally suited for adults, academic students and professionals
  • partnership with the most important Academic and Higher Education Institutes for Design, Architecture and Fashion

Learn Italian in Milan, the style capital of Italy but also of culture, fashion, design and technology. Linguaviva Italian language schools have been designed to ensure that the specific needs of each individual are met.


Quality teaching


All our teachers have professional teaching qualifications and are selected for their enthusiasm as well as their ability. Friendly and accessible, they appreciate the needs of students and take an active role in planning courses.

Our modern communicative approach is conceived to stimulate your interest in learning italian language.
The course contents cover all aspects of grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading and writing.
We usually concentrate on grammar in the first part of the classes with freer practice and skills work in the later parts.

There are 12 language levels ranging from beginner to proficient.
The Proficient level, corrisponding to level C2 of the Common European Framework and level 11-12 at Linguaviva system, is organized only in certain periods of the year and upon request from Universities or Higher Educational Institutes.
On your first day at school you take a specially designed written, listening and oral placement test, so that we can place you in the appropriate class for your language level.
We hold regular progress tests at the end of each level. These enable you and your teachers to measure your language development and evaluate your performance over a period of time.
Learning Italian language with Linguaviva programmes is suitable for all the students who want to improve their Italian.

Course lessons/week weeks Price start dates
Italian Standard


20 2
additional week

All students begin
on one of the following dates;

8th January

5nd February

5th March

3rd April

30th April

28th May

25th June

9th July

6th August

3rd September

1st October

29th October

26th November

However non-Beginner students
may start any Monday

Italian Long -term Course

12 12 weeks

additional week


24 24 weeks 3960
Italian Intensive Course 30 2
additional week


Italian Super Intensive Course 20 + 10 2
additional week
Art History 15 2 200
20-40 min. 1 week 960 any Monday
Special courses lessons/week weeks Price start dates
Preparatory Course for Marco Polo
and Turandot Project
10-30 32 4200

4th January

2700 (d)
Individual Preparatory for CILS Exam 10 Min. 1 week 480 Any time
Preparatory for Italian University 240 10 2600 (c) 7th May
Preparatory for Fashion and Design Schools 20 4 900 (c) 3rd Sep
Internship Programme (e) - 8 940 any time
12 1160
16 1390

(a) Course available only for min. 2 enrolments per each programme.
(b) Only preparatory for Architecture
(c) Teaching material included
(d) Preparatory course for Admission Test (Fine Arts Academy & Conservatory)
(e) Placement fee includes: selection of company, placement, monitoring, insurances, certificates.

Italian public holidays 2018
The italian language courses will not take place on the following days:
6th January, 28th March, 25th April, 2nd June, 15th August, 1st November, 7th December, 8th December.

Group courses are suspended from 19th Dec 2017.

80 payable for all courses with the first registration, valid for 12 months

Accommodation prices


Prices per person

Weeks Single room Double room

Half board

2 540 430
additional week 270 215
Bed & Breakfast


350 260

additional week

175 130
Use of the kitchen


330 240

additional week

165 120

Shared flat

Price per person

Weeks Single room Double room
2 330 240
additional week 165 120

Independent flat

Milan from 500 per week

Student Residence

Milan from 440 per week (min. 2 week)