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Set just 6km from the centre of cosmopolitan, multi-cultural Melbourne, Victoria University’s Tourism and Hospitality School offers international students a complete educational, lifestyle and cultural experience.

Tourism and Hospitality School
As Australia’s largest and most comprehensive provider of Tourism and Hospitality education, Victoria University programs are distinguished by diversity. An award-winning course framework is designed to form the basis of solid career foundations.

The Tourism and Hospitality School offers entry points at PhD, Masters, Undergraduate and TAFE level, and a broad range of study options exist across the tourism, hospitality and events disciplines.

World-famous sporting, culinary and cultural events drive the local tourism and hospitality sector and provide abundant opportunities for work integrated learning.

Victoria University embodies a unique international ethos that stretches beyond Melbourne’s multicultural population and global sporting profile. A diverse blend of students, researchers, world-wide educational partnerships and alumni success in overseas markets reinforce the school’s truly global focus.

On a national level the school is recognised as an industry leader, having having won the prestigious Australian Tourism Award three times.

Academic Excellence
Victoria University’s academic staff have secured the School’s international reputation. Broad areas of research and expertise include:
• Events Tourism
• Tourism Economics
• Asia Pacific Tourism
• Small to Medium Enterprises in Tourism and Hospitality
• Information and Communication Technologies
• Tourism Marketing

Research and Industry Programs
The school of Tourism and Hospitality currently hosts 30 PhD research positions. Issues management and development of industry capacity on a global scale are important aspects of Victoria University’s emphasis on high calibre research underpinning practical outcomes.

The tourism and hospitality school is recognised as one of the most involved and active members of the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (STCRC) and many research opportunities arise from this connection. Students have the opportunity to participate in a range of internationally focused projects with far reaching commercial and community impacts: most recently, VU students successfully completed a study modeling the impact of small group tourism on host villages in South East Asian countries.

Some other key research areas include:
• Small-Medium Enterprises in tourism and hospitality
• Events evaluation
• Sustainability
• Reporting and Sustainability (Triple Bottom Line)
• Park visitor profiling
• Good living tourism

Study Programs

Bachelor of Arts (Sport Administration) /Bachelor of Business (Event Management)

Bachelor of Business (Music Industry/Event Management)

Doctor of Philosophy

Master of Business (by research)

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management (THH60202)

Bachelor of Business - Event Management

Bachelor of Business – Hospitality / Tourism Management

Bachelor of Business – Hospitality Management

Bachelor of Business – Hospitality Management / Event Management

Bachelor of Business – Hospitality Management /Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Business – Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Management

Bachelor of Business – Marketing / Event Management

Bachelor of Business – Marketing / Hospitality Management

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