Murdoch University

With some of the country’s highest ratings of student satisfaction and a truly unique location in Western Australia, Murdoch University blends the relaxed, friendly culture of its home city of Perth with flexible, award winning study programs and excellent student services.

Tourism and Hospitality studies A range of undergraduate, double major, and postgraduate programs are available to tourism students at Murdoch University.

Co-operative relationships across study areas mean that tourism students have a great deal of flexibility in choosing multi-disciplinary course structures which are customised to their areas of interest and career aspirations.

With an emphasis on conceptual rigour, research skills, communication skills and appreciation of policy and planning, Murdoch University students graduate career-ready and equipped to excel in their industry.

Because of its unique west coast location, Murdoch University is surrounded by a thriving tourism industry located among a range of spectacular natural environments. Projects and field trips play a key role in students study programs, and reflect Murdoch’s strong community and local industry links.

Academic Excellence Murdoch University’s Tourism school is recognised for its commitment to excellence in teaching. All core staff have PhD’s, providing depth of expertise across the full spectrum of tourism disciplines.

Academic staff take pride in their constructive, communicative relationships with students; relationships that contribute directly to the high satisfaction rates of students and graduates.

Research and Industry Programs Tourism research at Murdoch University is conducted primarily in the fields of Social Sciences, Business and Environmental Science. Cutting edge programs with a distinct local industry focus include:
• Sustainable Tourism
• Environmental and Social Impacts of Tourism
• Wildlife Tourism
• National Park Planning
• Regional Development and Tourism
• Development Studies

The Tourism school also offers unique research opportunities through its partnerships with the Sustainable Tourism Centre Cooperative Research Centre (STCRC), the Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre (DKCRC), and key industry bodies and government agencies.

Study Programs

Bachelor of Science in Ecotourism

Bachelor of Tourism

Bachelor of Tourism in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Bachelor or Commerce in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Graduate Diploma in Tourism (Specialisations: Indigenous Tourism;Nature-Based Tourism; Sustainable Tourism; Tourism Policy and Planning)

Master of Arts by Personal Program (Majoring in Indigenous Tourism;Nature-Based Tourism;Sustainable Tourism;Tourism Policy and Planning)

MPhil (in any of the above majors)

PhD (in any of the above majors)

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