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Dante Alighieri School was established in 1979 year and is authorized by the Ministry of Public Education to specialize in teaching Italian language to foreigners. The school is located in a a beautiful, full of murals palace from 17 th Century building ( 10 minutes walking distance from Piazza del Campo).The palace is situated in the centre of that medieval city. Siena is an inspirational place for students' meetings and for artists willing to deepen their knowledge about art and improve their language skills by participating in Italian courses provided by teachers who specialize in many fields. 


It is hard to find such a wonderful city like Siena. That place, with ubiquitous Gothic facades, is a city proud of its ancient traditions and suspicious of outside influences which may alter its cultural physiognomy. This characteristic has not hindered an endless flow of visitors to this fairy tale city beginning the Middle Ages to the dawn of the 20th century. An "oasis of the spirit", a town far removed from the frenzied pace of Italy's larger cities, Siena has preserved its own urban dimension, guarding her art treasures and continuing, undisturbed, to celebrate her most precious festivity, the Palio, in an atmosphere typical of the Renaissance. 

Teachers team
Many years of experience have enabled the center to develop its own didactic method, employed by the teachers under the guidance of the Director of Studies. All teachers are highly qualified university graduates and are all specialized in teaching  Italian as a second language. All of them are aware of difficulties which may occur during learning foreign languages and they learn how to overcome those difficulties in a very nice and calm way. They are all the participants of every day life of the school and try to live up to students expectations so as to make sure that they have a wonderful time in Siena.

Students who learn Italian at Dante Alighieri School are motivated in various ways and they come from different parts of the world, and therefore, there is an extremely multicultural and diverse atmosphere in every class (10-12 students). There are a lot of interesting dialogues, discussions and abilities to improve language skills due to this variety. Societa Dante Alighierii workers are aware that many students arrive to
Italy in order to find something about aspects of Italian society and culture. That is why their being invlved and teachers enthusiasm allows all students to experience all that wonderful Siena has to offer.


Italian language's level


Italian language's programmes and purposes 


Zero - Level

Introducing and teaching how to use basic structures of present and simple tenses. Also basic vocabulary. 



Using present, past and future tenses in every day situations. Participation in simple discussions on general topics. Understanding shortwritten texts. 



Improving fundamental syntax  and basic language structures. Understanding short original texts. The beginning of writing.



Participation in dialogues and conversations with native speakers of Italian. Learning with media texts.



The summary of learning all the tenses. Understanding and summarizing articles and other news texts.



Combining and development all of four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Comprehension of the idiomatic phrases and anegdotes. Interpreting  texts by using a variety of basic vocabulary. 



Finishing syntax and diverse language structure. At this level, students become more and more fluent. Introduction to the specialistic language. Translations.



General revisng all gramatic structures. At this level students are higly fluent in the Italian language. Comprehension of idiomatic texts in the form of dialogues. 

General information 

 Societa Dante Alighieri offers  Italian language courses  both for students who have not had a contact with Italian language before and for those who want to teach Italian language themselves. Each Italian language course lasts from 2 weeks to up to 10 months maximum. Each lesson lasts ful 60 minutes. Italian language courses on each level of  advancement take place according to specially prepared programmes which enable students gradually achieve a thorough knowledge of grammar structures and syntax. and first of all the use of language in eveyday situations. Teachers pay special attention to expanding students vocabulary through reading original texts and through discussions on various topics with special focus on pronunciation.

Extra-curricular  afternoon activities

Showing appreciation for the meaning of students free time we organize different programmes rich in culture and recreation activities such as: coctails, movie shows, tour guided trips to museums as well as other culture institutions, trips, meetings, lunches, parties, lectures and going out to Siena's vicinity. All of these activities are free of charge with the exception of lunches as well as costs of transport, and give students a chance to both practising language in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere and getting to know Italian culture.


Course Name Standard G6
Starting Date Every Monday*
Minimum length of the course 1 week
Lessons per week  15 lessons  (3 lessons daily)  1 lesson = 60 minutes
Levels All
Description The course consists of 15 group lessons of General Italian  (writing, reading, speaking, listening). Classes start in the morning. There are 5-12 students in one group (usually 10 students).The course is designed for those students who, while wishing to learn the Italian  language in group lessons with other students of the school, wish to have as much free time as possible outside of the school environment in order to fully take advantage of the extensive social activity program, to study independently, or to absorb the Italian culture in the many bars and local meeting places throughout our city. Students participating in this course can also opt to participate in the cultural course.


Course Name Intensive G8
Starting Date Every Monday*
Minimum  length of the course 1 week
Lessons per week  20 lessons (4 lessons per day) 1 lesson = 60 minutes
Levels All
Description It consists 20 lessons of General Italian (wirting, reading, listening, speaking). Classes start in the morning. There are 5-12 students in one group. (normal average of 10 students).


Course Name Combined Course C4
Starting Date Every Monday*
Minimum  length of the course  1 week
Lesosns per week 15 lessons (3 lessons per day) + 4 individual lessons/ week; 1 lesson = 60 minutes
Levels All
Descritpion The course consists of 15 group lessons of General Italian (wirting, reading, listening, speaking). Classes start in the morning. There are 5-12 students in one group. (usually 10 students). There are additional  individual lessons twice a week (2 lessons).This course is designed to meet students needs. It may consist in developing language skills, expanding vocabulary from any field, conversations, etc.  The course is ideal for those who want to make a quick progress in relatively short time. 


Course Name Combined Course C8
Strating Date Every Monday*
Minimum length of the course  one week
Lessons/week 15 lessons (3 lessons per day) + 8 individual lessons/ week; 1 lesson = 60 minutes
Levels All
Description The course  consists of 20  lessons of General Italian (writing, reading, listening, speaking). Classes start in the morning. There are 5-12 students in a group. (usually 10 students). There are additional  individual lessons (two hours a day 4 times a week).This course is designed  to meet students needs. It may consist in developing language skills, expanding vocabulary from any field, conversations, etc.  The course is ideal for those who want to make a quick progress in relatively short time. 


Course Name PrivateTutition IND
Strating Date Every Monday*
Minimum length of the course  1  week
Lessons/week minimum 3 lessons per day ; 1 lesson = 60 minutes
Levels All
Description The advatantage of our individual courses is that they are designed for the specific requirements of the student. The pace and content of the lessons are adapted according to the individual, so that he or she may learn in a relaxed atmosphere, with the undivided attention of the teacher. That  is why  the courses are designed for people who need a specialist  language knowledge for career purposes, specially in a short period of time.  Dante Alighieri  teachers are specialized in a wide range of subjects, such as medicine, economics, opera, history, journalism, as well as in the language of media. We can also organize meetings and discussions with professionals in particular  fields  and visits to places connected with the subject from Italian language course. 
Dante Alighieri School can be proud to have worked with several international companies and embassies, such as:
* The British Embassy in Rome and the Embassies of the USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Ireland
* Newspapers including Le Monde and the Financial Times
* The European Parliament
* International companies: Electrolux, Ericsson, Philips, Bayer, Whirpool,
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Lufthansa, Deutsche Bank, EVC, Bosch, Credit Agricole.
* Internationally known artists and musicians


Course Name  Mini Group MG2/ MG3
Strating Date Every Monday*
Minimum length of the course  1 week
Lessons/week minimum 3 lessons; 1 lesson = 60 minutes
Levels All
Description These are classes for 2-3 students in one group for students on the same level and with the same linguistic aims. The course is ideal for professionalists who would like to  study specialist language with other people from similar career branch. School may organize special trips to places selected by participant on his/her request.

* for people who are at least on elementary level of language

 course starting dates in 2012:
9th of January, 30th of January, 20th of February, 19th of March, 2nd of April, 16th of April, 7th of May, 14th of May, 28th of May, 11th of June, 25th of June, 9th of July, 16th of July, 30th of July, 13th of August, 27th of August, 3rd of September, 17th of September, 8th of October, 29th of October, 12th of November, 3rd of December


- Minimum age of Italian language course participants: 17 years old
 - Price of the course includes: course fee, possibility of using library; social activites;
 - Price of the course does  not include: text books; accommodation;  transfer from and to the railway/airport; 
   internet access, insurance;
 - You should book the Italian course at least 3 weeks in advance before the course starts. You are obliged to pay 1 000  zloty + administration fee +  the accommodation booking fee + possible payment for booked ticket by
 - Participants are asked for informing us about the type of preferred accommodation as soon as possible (during summer season there may be shortage of hosting places); accommodation is provided from the day preceding the beginning of lessons to the day  when the course ends. j

Prices include:
didactic materials (xerox copies)
- leisure and entertainment programme (except transport fees, entry tickets and meals );
- completion of Italian language course certificate;
- information package on the  1st day of arrival;

Price of the Italian course in Siena does not include:
-  coursebooks(the cost of the book is from  20€ to 35€)
- administration fee  20€
- examination fee

Name of the course CODE

Hours / Week

Prices in Euro
Number of weeks
group individual


Each extra week
Standard G6 15 - 190 330 490   620 155
Intensive G8 20 - 230 420 575  720 180
Combined 4 C4 15 4 310  610 910  1210 300 
Combined 8 C8 15 8 470 920 1370  1820 450
Mini-group (2 or 3 persons) MG2 2 - 30  €/ lesson (26 € per person per hour)
MG3 3 - 25  €/ lesson (20 € per person per hour)
Private Tutition IND  1 min 3 hours a day;  45 € an hour
Longterm and specialist courses                                                       Duration Price
Trimester LT 15 12 weeks  (180 hours ) 1800
Trimester plus LTi 20 12 weeks  (240 hours ) 2000
Academic year AY 20 48 weeks  (960 hours ) +  PLIDA  exam 7000



Intership course CODE Hours / Week Duration of language course Duration of intership course Price
IN24 15 2 weeks from 2 to 4 weeks 1350

 CULTURE PROGRAMME & 50+ heritage

  CODE Hours / Week Duration of a course Additional lessons Price / week Additional week
Siena Heritage CS 15 hours 4 hours - 330 330
Siena Magnifica OC  20 hours 4 hours  wine tasting (1 lesson + 2 cooking lessons) 490 480


You can get the accommodation with Italian host family or apartments shared with other students. You will not always live in the city centre. Still, there will be a possibility of  a fast access by the means of public transport. Monthly bus tickets are available for students with a special discount.Students who have their own cars may be, on their request , accommodated in houses outside the city centre. Accommodation should be booked well in advance, especially during summer season. Rooms are available from Sunday before the Italian language  course starts to Saturday after the course ends.


Students can live at apartments shared with other students. One apartment consists of from 1 to 7 rooms, shared kithcen and bathroom. Each person gets his/her own room. People who come together may ask for double room.
Accommodation should be booked 3 weeks before the Italian course starts.
Accommodation in double rooms for people coming together


                                                       ˇ All families who cooperate with  Dante Alighieri in  Siena are carefully selected and regularly supervised by the administration staff. 
ˇ Before departure every student will be given a detailed address of accommodation.
ˇ The Italian language course participants are asked to inform the host family or the owner of the hotel about a specific date and time  of the arrival before they arrive on the course.
ˇ Accommodation is available from Sunday before the course starts to Saturday before the course ends.
School may organise, on condiiton of paying surcharge, the airport transfer from Florence and Rome.


Administration fee - 50 Euro

Type of accommodation Room

Number of weeks
-price for 1 week

Extra night
1 (6 nights)

Each extra week
 (7 nights)

Apartment and kitchen shared  with other students (no meals) Double  130 105 15
Apartment and kitchen shared  with other students (no meals) Single 180 120 20
Homestay  + Breakfast Double  140 120 20
Homestay + Breakfast Single 190 140 25
Homestay + breakfast  + dinner; double room Double 210 175 30
Homestay +breakfast + dinner; single room Single 230 210 35
Hotel & Villa, residence, single and double rooms On request


Siena is situated 60 km from Florence and from the coast. We advise students coming from Florence by train or plane to take the express coach to Siena. Florence's bus station is located at the Piazza della Stazione S. Maria Novella on the right hand side. Ask for an express ("rapida") or direct ("diretta") ticket. Other nearby airports are at Pisa or Rome, both easily reached by train or coach. The school organises on request a pick-up service at extra charge.
It is very important that students inform the host family about the specific time of their arrival.

How to become a student of Italian courses in Siena?
All formalities connected with your stay, booking, transport, etc. can be arranged in person or via e-mail through "LEXIS", College of Foreign Languages or through our agent. After choosing the course type, accommodation and other services you fill out an application form and transfer the due sum of money to the "LEXIS" bank account. You send us an application form by mail or fax so that we receive i a least two weeks before the beginning of the course (applicants from cities other than Warsaw contact an agent).

Before departure you will receive:
ˇ a confirmation of your enrolment on the course together with an appropriate letter for the British customs officers - so that you will not have any problems on crossing the border,
ˇ a plane ticket - if you are travelling from Warsaw (applicants from other cities in Poland please contact an Agent),
ˇ a confirmation of the accommodation booking together with address, telephone and a short characteristics of the host family,
ˇ an invoice for the services ordered.

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